Welcome to the Asylum!

The long awaited return to Lincoln for the Steampunk Asylum weekend did not disappoint. This was the first weekend we had stayed over just for the event, rather than having a re-enactment event as well and we had great accommodation at The Swan in the Brayford Marina area.

We had a full Saturday and Sunday there. The outfit for the Saturday was my new Egyptologist outfit, a simple and cool one which I was able to add a pistol and a hammer to. I picked up the wonderful necklace in a charity shop in Whitby a few years ago and the hat braid came from the last Whitby market. Ellen was an Edwardian butterfly/ fairy.

I have tried to group the outfits we saw in themes. There was definitely a Britannia theme and we saw many red white and blue but this couple below were amazing, especially on a warm weekend. I loved the red and gold and wings on the outfit in the second picture.

Sunday was the return of the Glories of Bombay outfit while Ellen did Harry Potter. There were so many wonderful outfits to see, it really seemed like people were pulling put all of the stops after a three year break.

There was a Superhero costume display on Sunday so I was able to get pictures of them all together. We also met this Captain America in the most stunning gown.

This couple were stunning both days, amazing head dresses.

One of my favourite women, Rachel, was there, I have admired so many of her previous outfits such as her big top and octopus Queen and this Rememberence one was beautiful.

Huge congratulations as well to this Japanese warrior and this Knight as it was a very warm weekend to be wearing this much costume.

There were so many peacock inspired outfits on Saturday and this was one of my favourite.

There were some amazing group outfits, I think the ones in boats were my absolute favourites, incredible creativity.

I just love the fun and the total bonkersness of it all. In a world with so much sad it is just a wonderful fun and inclusive environment to be in. Thank you to the Ministry of Steampunk for all your hard work, we have already booked our accommodation for next year.

I will return soon with the Anglesey pictures, it has been brilliant to catch up with my work colleagues. I am so glad not to have to do my job any more but miss these wonderful people. Hope that you all have a good week ahead, have fun, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.