Back to the future

The Steampunk weekend at Whitby was the third time that we have been, the first was during 2020 when, although when we went there were no actual events on due to the pandemic. We had non refundable accommodation booked so went anyway, and had a lovely time, albeit socially distanced and wearing masks!

It is brilliant to be able to go to events now and to chat to people about the future in more confidence and we are looking forward to Lincoln as well in August. Although there did not seem to be as many people there as last year there were still lots of gorgeous outfits.

The new hat had its debut and I am very pleased with it, partly as it stayed put during our windy walks on the seafront. I also wore several of my older ones. I do need to remake the jacket for the cream outfit though as although I love the braid I am not as happy with the fit of it.

Whitby was beautiful as always and we had a lovely weekend just visiting all our favourite places, going on a boat trip and having a good rummage through all of the charity shops. I bought lots of books as I now have space to carry them. Much as I love my Kindle it uses a lot of power and as I am on non electric pitches when camping have to ration what I use.

We met up with one of my favourite hat makers, I have forgotten her name but we first met her at the Clumber 1940s event and she told us she had about 40 hats and there were two new ones put this weekend. I am keen to make more hats for myself, if my lovely daughter will allow me more storage space in her house as all the Steampunk and re-enactment kit lives with her now.

We will not be at Whitby next summer as there is another festival that I want to go to that weekend, a van life one which will be very exciting. I am so thrilled to be able to do all this and will post more about my adventures in my van next time. We did see a very cool Steampunk camper at Whitby which was very well done.

My sister and I are currently having a brilliant time reliving our youth at the Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool. Last night we saw The Stranglers which was amazing. Tonight it will be various delights such as Gary Numan, who I was very much in love with as a teenager.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and having a good time doing something fun or relaxing. Whatever it is have fun, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.