A thing of beauty

I have recently re-subscribed to Today’s Quilter magazine, this was actually pre- pandemic and it has been lovely to have the delivery every month, plus some useful free gifts like templates.I had stopped as I seemed to have a lot of quilt magazines already but I will pass them on once the charity shops re-open so someone else can share the love.

April Quilt Mag

This month’s magazine had a special feature and a pattern by Sarah Fielke and when I looked at the picture of an amazing Liberty log cabin quilt I remembered that I had bought the book a while ago. I met Sarah when she was doing a European tour in July 2016, on my son’s graduation day actually, and ordered the book straight after that.

Sarah Fielke Book 1

The book, Old Quilts, New Life,  is a wonderful combination of a history of quilting book and interpretations of the quilts. There is a reproduction version and an interpretation one for each of  9 quilts from the American Folk Art Museum.Below are some of my favourites and I love the different interpretations like the two colour one that just uses one of the flower motifs from the older quilt.

The quilt that I spotted in the magazine is called Liberty Belle and it has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I finished another Liberty log cabin last weekend and so I now have two of these blocks.

Sarah Fielke Book 2

I was thinking that I might just put them with all of the other Liberty blocks but now that I have seen this I might be tempted to just do a quilt of all Liberty log cabins as it is so gorgeous.The nice thing about using Liberty is all of the fabrics look so good together.

Liberty log cabin final 1

These blocks are very different to the other blocks that I have made as there is no white in them so I was wondering if they would go. We shall see, it would mean I have to purchase some more Liberty, (oh dear 🙂  ) ,as I have run out of longer pieces for the outer borders. However I may have a lot more time on my hands this summer and at least this keeps me amused as the blocks take me such a long time to complete.

Liberty log cabin final 2

I have found a new supplier of Liberty as well from the quilt magazine. Not that I really need a new supplier but I love the web site for Duck Egg Threads  as it has such a fab design. I have so much Liberty that I don’t know the name of each fabric but this site has them organised by colour and names them so you can easily order the colour you need.

Duck Egg Threads site

I think I am going to have to order some from them just to thank them for that as a resource for us Liberty fans.They also have a Liberty monthly fabric club that they will be re-starting once they can do deliveries again so I might just have to subscribe to support a small business!

I have also made this week’s Riley Blake Block Challenge blocks, two Friendship Star blocks using this very useful tutorial, which shows you how to make them in multiple sizes. These are very quick to do and I am very pleased with the matching of the seams on these. I am clearly getting better at this compared to the last block challenge that we did five years ago where points and seams were all over the place!

Friendship Star block 1

Friendship Star block 4

Next week’s block is the Economy Block so I am going to make two of those as well.I am officially back at work now, (that just means sitting on the sofa with my computer rather than my needlework box!), as no-one is going anywhere soon in the UK unless they need to.

However, I am finishing work at 4pm each day, taking advantage of the lack of travel time which means I can start earlier, so am having a few hours of sewing each day which is lovely. I do miss my colleagues but realistically we would have been finishing term anyway in the next couple of weeks so life is not that different for me at the moment anyway.

In that respect I am very lucky as working from home is a peaceful activity unlike many of my colleagues who are trying to do it while homeschooling children, sharing workspace with partners and being interrupted by cats and dogs who wonder why their humans are suddenly around all of the time.

I hope you and your family are all ok, stay safe, take care and thanks for visiting. It is lovely to see my visitor stats each week and to have so many more people following me now. I am feeling very loved so thank you 🙂




7 thoughts on “A thing of beauty

  1. These Liberty blocks are so pretty. Which size are you making? I have used Duck Egg Threads and been very happy with them. I do love simple design like the log cabin. I have just pieced a quilt top which is one huge courtyard steps block and tow cushion covers which are each a large log cabin as Christmas presents. I need to wait for the shops to reopen to buy wadding and backing fabric. A quilt down completely in Liberty log cabins would be simply stunning. One of the best things is that all of their fabrics work together, last year I completed a grandmother’s garden quilt in all Liberty fabrics and it is just lovely to look at. x

  2. Hello Kay, I am making the 6 inch blocks as I only have small pieces of Liberty. Your quilt top sounds amazing. I have never done a large quilt, just a small cot one and some quilted throws and cushions covers. These blocks are just adding to the three I made last year as experiments but when I saw the challenge I thought it would be a great way of adding to them. I would love to do a grandmother’s garden as well, I love that pattern.

    • Yes they do, my Liberty addiction is still severe but I justify it because I never have a problem finding things that go. I really need some longer pieces so am going to put in another order later this week, I am justifying that because I am saving so much on travel to work every week!

  3. I am considering subscribing to Today’s Quilter as I usually want to make all of the projects and I love the articles too. I particularly liked Jo Avery’s hawaiian applique bag in this month’s issue so might have a go at that soon! Love your friendship star blocks 🙂

  4. Thank you, I am enjoying making the blocks and they are really adding lots to my stash. I am very excited that they are going to be looking at Millefiori quilts in the next issue of Today’s Quilter as I keep seeing gorgeous versions of those. That will definitely be a retirement project though, judging by how long they take people!

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