What a difference a year makes ….

This time last year I was posting about how very hot Tatton was and we hid under the trees from the heat all day on Sunday. Well this year we had more extreme weather of another sort.

Most of the weekend was dry and sunny, except for the 30 minutes of the battle on Saturday. We had some rain first thing then it cleared up and we had a lovely day, got ready for the battle at 4pm and marched on to the battlefield.

Then the heavens opened. It was the worst rain we have ever had and we were literally soaked to the skin within about 10 minutes. We also had freezing hail for a few minutes as well. I am just by the flag in this picture.

Tatton 2018 - battle 1


The guys in armour did not feel it as much as we did in our dresses, the fabric was so difficult to walk in soaking wet and sticking to our legs.

Tatton - battle 5

Tatton 2018 - battle 4

Tatton 2018 - battle 2

We were marshalling again and this is me in action at the end of the battle when the rain was easing off. I have never been so wet in my life and was very cold by the end.

However we made it back to camp, laughing about what had happened and our good friend Silke took this shot of us as we got to the top of the hill.It does not really show how wet we are but everything was soaked.

Tatton - soaking wet sisters

As another friend said, we are not sugar mice, we will not melt and we had a good laugh about it later. Luckily there was brilliant sunshine for the next two hours and everything dried because guess who had not brought spare clothes for the weekend?

Yes after all those events where I pack lots of everything just in case I only had a spare shift and no spare dress and Ellie only had one of each. We will be going to the next event with a change of clothes 🙂

We have just come back from a wonderful few days in the Lake District, had camera problems again so am waiting on pictures from Ellie to show you but it was stunning and we loved it. I am off to Spain tomorrow for 12 days of doing very little, am planning on lots of reading and not doing any thinking about work or marking and enjoying the sun.

Hope you have a nice couple of weeks, take care, thanks for visiting and see you soon.


2 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes ….

  1. Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain !
    We haven,t had any rain for about two months now here in Cornwall ..just a very little light ,drifting sea mist….we are desperate for rain for our gardens !
    As usual , you all look fab in your beautiful costumes 🙂

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