Creative costuming

Hello everyone, hope that those of you in the UK enjoyed the Bank Holiday, usual mix of sunshine and rain meant that while we got soaked putting up the tents for the show at Lincoln on Saturday we were roasting by Monday and the tents were dry – hurrah!

This was our last event of the season with Swords of Mercia and not only did we have an excellent time with the group we went early on the Saturday to join in the Steampunk Festival which was amazing as always.

The sheer creativity and inventiveness of the costumes is stunning and we had a great afternoon. We  made some costumes for ourselves, not too elaborate this year due to lack of time but we were pleased to feel part of the event.

Here is Ellie in her lovely outfit, mostly put together from bargain charity shop finds and jewellery and embellishments she already had plus a bustle from Ebay, she looks very glamorous.

Steam Punk 2016 Ellie 1


Steam Punk 2016 Ellie 2


Steam Punk 2016 Ellie 3

I embellished the top hat Jake wore to his prom and Ellie bought me a lovely lace jacket from a charity shop for a pound as well. I also picked up the brooch I am wearing and this beautiful hair barrette at the market, very appropriate for a stitcher!

Steam Punk 2016 Ellie and me


Steam Punk 2016 Me new barette

There were the usual out of this world amazing costumes such as this peacock dress and this Gothic church inspired one, complete with matching waistcoat for the attendant who was the garment’s designer.

Steam Punk 2016 Peacock dress 1

Steam Punk 2016 Gothic dress 1

My favourite one was this Knitting Ninja, I love the creativity of this outfit with the, ‘ammo belt’, of wool and needles at the ready.

Steam Punk 2016 Knitting Ninja


Steam Punk 2016 Knitting Ninja 2

I also loved this butterfly dress with all the hand stitched butterflies, it is so brilliant to see people being creative and enjoying sewing and making.

Steam Punk 2016 Butterfly dress 1


Steam Punk 2016 Butterfly dress 2


Steam Punk 2016 Butterfly dress 3

We got lots of ideas for future costumes as well and as last year we were photographed so many times when we went out promoting our event on the Sunday and Monday, pictures of that and other wonderful medieval costume in a later post.

Meanwhile enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for visiting.


2 thoughts on “Creative costuming

  1. Yes it is, I like the fact that there are no limits to what you can do. Have been adding to the outfit this evening with lace on the cuffs of the jacket as we are going to wear them on Sat night at our last re-enactment event.

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