Pattern and detail

I think my favourite of all of the Trust houses that I have visited recently has to be Tyntesfield near Bristol.

Kerry and I first went last year and then Ellie and I went there on our second day of house visiting after a night in a B and B at my old childhood holiday haunt Weston-Super-Mare.

It is such a treasure trove of pattern, being Victorian Gothic,there are so many gorgeous details everywhere you look.

Tyntesfield 16

Tyntesfield 17


Tyntesfield 3

Tyntesfield 4

It also has the most amazing church built right next to the property, connected by a passageway, no mere family chapel, this is a full-blown piece of neo- Gothic ecclesiastical splendour.

Tyntesfield 5

Tyntesfield 12

Tyntesfield 15

My favourite things in the church are these memorial crosses on the walls for the family members, they inspire me to do some goldwork based on these designs.

Tyntesfield 6

Tyntesfield 7

Tyntesfield 8

Tyntesfield 9

Tyntesfield 10

Tyntesfield 11

Tyntesfield 13

Tyntesfield 14

I think I could very happily live at Tyntesfield, my furniture and furnishings would fit right in!

I have just had new business cards printed for upcoming craft fairs using a beautiful Gothic inspired image from Vistaprint which I am very pleased with.

Business card

We are off to Bolsover Castle for a one day event this Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day, it will just be our group Swords of Mercia there and the boys will be attired splendidly as usual.

No new kit expected for this one but I know some people have shiny new armour and splendid new surcoats they are working on for the next event in July.

Meanwhile I have multiple projects on the go, all different sizes and complexity to suit the occasion!

Hope that you have a good weekend whatever you are doing, take care and thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Pattern and detail

  1. Yes that one looks lovely, have not been yet but Ellie and I are planning a long weekend in that area over the off-season so that we can go there and to the goldwork exhibition at Liverpool Cathedral.

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