A giveaway, a lot of sewing and a little bouquet

Well this is unbelievably my 400th post so I thought I would celebrate by inviting you to like this post and I will pick a winner who will receive their choice of handmade small from anything they have seen on my site.

It could be a pincushion, brooch, scissor keep, needlebook, Christmas ornament, pouch, compact case, phone or kindle case etc. Please click like and then I will choose one person and contact them and ask what sort of fabric colours you would like for the gift. I will pick a winner in 2 weeks – on Sunday 5th Oct.

We have had a busy weekend sewing – Jamie, Ellie and Kerry have been here and we have been making shifts and coifs for the girls and a tabard to go over Jamie’s new armour (due next year).

Sewing weekend - Jamie tabard

Sewing weekend - Jamie tabard 2

This is a work in progress but you get the general idea, it is made of wool and will be lined with red linen.

It won’t have the pleat in as we were just working on length. This picture shows Jamie hard at work making the pattern for the dagging on the white part of the tabard which involved drawing round a wineglass!

Sewing weekend -Jamie cutting

Kerry had also made a new head-dress – a coronet, she is very talented and creates the most wonderful stuff out of very everyday materials and ‘found’ jewellery.

Sewing weekend - Kerry coronet

Sewing weekend - Kerry coronet

ewing weekend - Elle pinning

I have been making more flower brooches –  the one below from a charity shop broderie anglaise skirt that I have also used for phone covers etc. and these other ones from stash fabric.

Sewing weekend - brooches

Sewing weekend - brooches

Ellie brought me a present as well – the best sort – vintage fabric, look at this beautiful lace that someone had given her to go to a good home! I think I shall add it to the things I am going to use for the bee quilt inspired cushion I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

Sewing weekend - lace from Ellie

Term starts next week and I have a submission due for my doctorate (which I have written but may need more work) so I am going to be doing very little else but work for the next few weeks.

I have saved lots of the lovely National Trust textile pictures to post about while production slows down here at Maison Ryan 😉

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8 thoughts on “A giveaway, a lot of sewing and a little bouquet

    • Thanks I hope so too. The proposal had to be re-written twice before it got through. This is a 6000 word progress report paper so hope it is ok!

    • Hello LubbyGirl – welcome to the blog! No sadly not mine, that is a crewel work piece that I bought from Ebay a few years ago, it hangs in my craft room as inspiration.

    • Thanks – I a little bit addicted to these at the moment – have made 8 flowers and 3 Christmas ornaments, they are great tv watching sewing as they are so easy to do and I love playing around with stash for colour combinations.

  1. Good luck with your doctorate. Love the tabard too, I’m going to attempt my first ever dagged edge this autumn, but on a hood.

    • Thanks Lorna this dagging is just cut out of the wool so far but I have to put the lining on so am going to try and keep the shape. It is easier to just cut them out of nice felted wool – good luck with the hood!

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