Lovely doors of Ludlow

When we visited Ludlow Castle a while ago I noticed that they had a poster of doors of Ludlow for sale in the gift shop.

As regular readers know I love taking pictures of doors 🙂 much to the amusement of family and friends so when I went back again this last weekend I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos.

Ludlow doors

Ludlow door 2

I also took some more photos of the beautiful Tudor buildings there which I thought I would share with you.

Tudor Ludlow

Tudor Ludlow 2

Tudor Ludlow 3

Tudor Ludlow 5

Tudor Ludlow 6

Tudor Ludlow 7

As well as original Tudor buildings there are some later ones in Tudor style and a beautiful market hall.

Tudor Ludlow 8

Tudor Ludlow 9

Tudor Ludlow 4

We also visited the church and a Tudor house with some fantastic carved wood panelling so I will put all those in a later post.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

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