Christmas is coming!

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Apparently it is a mere 3 months till Christmas which is obviously why my local Co-Op has stocked up with the Xmas chocs.

That is maybe slightly more understandable than them selling mince pies with a sell by date of the end of October (although you can of course eat these at any time of year and you might want to train up for a mince-pie eating fest at the actual festive season – who knows).

Us crafty types can be forgiven for getting in the mood early on (I have yet to participate in a Christmas in July event but I am intrigued) however I have made a start on the ornaments that I will be hopefully be selling at craft fairs this year.

I have quite a lot of stock from last year as I did not do my usual Oakwell Hall fair due to going to China but am hoping to do that this year.

I did manage to make these two baubles but sadly had a major malfunction with the rest of the polystyrene balls that I had in my stash which literally fell apart as I was using them hence only two completed 😦

Bauble making Sept

Baubles Sept

I promised you photos of Chesterfield Church that I visited recently when I went to stay with Ellie so here they are.

Chesterfield Church

Chesterfield Church 2

Chesterfield Church 3

Chesterfield Church 4

Chesterfield Church 5

Chesterfield Church 6

The church is famous for its twisted spire as it is made of wood and has warped over the years but I did not realise that it had the amazing effigies and alter art inside.

A beautiful church and well worth a visit.

I have been to our last event of the season – fab times and have lots more pics of loveliness for you which I will post this weekend.

Thank you for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Christmas is coming!

    • It is – the pictures don’t really do it justice but the altar art is comparable to that in Florence. I was very impressed!

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