More medieval loveliness!

Hello again

One of the lovely things about having new members and an official photographer with the group now is that we get lots of brilliant pictures of our shows.

Previously I have had to sneak out early on and take shots before I get into kit but thanks to Jamie, Sam and Wendy we have these lovely pics of last weekend. I particularly love the shots taken from the tower!

Our little living history camp.

Camp at Ashby

Camp at Ashby 2

Another bird’s-eye view – the King knighting the children after their training.

Knighting at Ashby

Me busy giving water to everyone.

Me at Ashby

Two of our newer members – Clive and Ron as Edward the Second and Squire Legget

Edward at Ashby

The ladies – Ellie and Kerry with our newly returned member Paul in his kit at the tournament.Our new member Jamie is on the right of this pic in the shirt I made him which fits thankfully!

Girls and Paul at Ashby

Luke and Mark in the tournament.

Tourney at Ashby

The group all lined up after the show – don’t we look lovely!

A special welcome to Sam (blue dress second from left), Jamie next to her, Richard (at the end on the right) and Alex (second from right in a green tunic) as this was their first show and they did brilliantly!

Group at Ashby

And with our new group banner.

Group at Ashby - with banner

I really enjoyed the show and it is lovely that our little group is expanding.

Have finished my rabbit and two dresses for it so will take some nice pics (when it stops raining!) and post that later in the week.Really enjoyed doing it so am on to rabbit number 2 next.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice week!

2 thoughts on “More medieval loveliness!

  1. ohh.. this is such a interesting post with people dressing up during the medieval ages.. are all the clothes rented?? or self made.. they look very pretty..

    thank you for sharing this.. 😀

  2. Hello Wisher thanks for visiting – most of the clothes are made by us, I make my own dresses and head dresses as do Ellen and Kerry.

    I also make a lot of kit for the boys in my group and for other friends and they make things for themselves such as the padded jackets to go under armour and some of the armour itself.

    We do buy some things (especially shoes!) but they can be expensive if you want lots of things and as I have had always had the family to clothe I learnt how to make costume early on.

    I have some more detailed info on the clothes in the pages at the top of the blog if you are interested.


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