Caldicot 2012

Well we had such a fantastic weekend at our last show of the year, the weather was brilliant, the beer tent great fun, the company excellent and the castle is just the most beautiful place to be – I am so lucky to be able to camp in places like this.

We arrived early on Friday as we were helping organise the event – here are the other two members of the Sisters of Mercia , Kerry and Ellie , (the water carrying branch of our Swords of Mercia group) relaxing on gate duty on a sunny Friday evening.

Caldicot - sisters on gate

Although Kerry has been on the battlefield before it was her first time wearing her own helmet! Here she is with Andy modelling it before the battle.

Caldicot - Kerry and Andy 1

I took lots of pics of the tents inside the castle, there were some beautiful banners so have taken some close up pics of the applique for you.

Caldicot - camp eve

Caldicot - camp - Clive's tent

Caldicot - camp - banner 5

Caldicot - camp - banner 4

Caldicot - camp - banner 4 detail

Caldicot - camp - banner 3

Caldicot - camp - banner 3 detail

Caldicot - camp - banner 2

Caldicot - camp - banner 1jpg

Caldicot - camp 5

Caldicot - camp 4 loom

Caldicot - camp 3

Caldicot - camp 1

Caldicot - camp 2 lamp

A brilliant time and thanks to all my lovely friends for helping me celebrate my house move (and to Ellie for not pushing me in the moat for spending all weekend saying how happy I was!)

Term has started and my new group are here so it is very hectic – am hoping for a nice weekend of finishing off bits in the house before chaos descends again next week! Ellie is visiting the new house tomorrow for the first time (and taking some of her stuff back with her!) so that will be lovely.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

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