Pretty things from Tewkesbury

As well as the lovely battles there is also the market at Tewkesbury which is always the biggest and best re-enactors’ market of the season. My lovely friend Kerry bought me this new bag as a birthday present.It will hang from my belt.

Tewks - new bag

It is from Phil Fraser’s stall  – Phil also sells pewter badges and I bought some with my initials on.

tewks - badges 1

I also treated myself to some more pilgrim badges from Lionheart Replicas – these are the Virgin and Child and St Albans badges.

tewks - badges 2

The thing I love about buying things for re-enactment is that you almost always know who has actually made what you have bought. Some things are imported but most of the time you know the person that has made your boots, your sword  and your drinking mug etc. In today’s mass market economy that is very special.

Thanks for visiting – see you soon.

One thought on “Pretty things from Tewkesbury

  1. Lovely badges, Alison. I must get to Tewks one year soon, in the meantime I feel a visit to Lionheart replica’s online shop

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