Tatton birthday to you!

Or more precisely to Jake who as usual celebrated his birthday at the Tatton re-enactment event this weekend. He has been having birthdays in a field for the last 10 years but this was of course a special one as he was 18 on Sunday!

This is a big year for birthdays in our family as we all have special ones to celebrate and of course now he can buy us all beer!

We had a really lovely weekend – great event as always and despite the fairly constant rain Fri eve and Saturday (which meant planned BBQs became in tent with frying pan) we had a fab time meeting up with old friends.

Sunday was lovely and sunny and we visited the Home Farm to see the animals – in 10 years of doing events there we had never made it there before and had great fun feeding the goats and seeing the massive horses and sows. Reminded me of all the things we used to do when the kids were little.

The pics below shows him and Ellie with one of the beautiful shire horses and of his birthday cake round the campfire on Friday night. He had dinosaur candles on his cake in a tribute to the one I made him when he was two!

Jake's 18th 1

Jake's 18th 2

His friend Sammy joined us for the weekend so Jake did not dress up. As he was not in medieval kit he had the chance to take lots of pics so here are some lovely ones of the encampment showing the guns used in the gun display, the tournament, the blacksmith and his forge and the battle.

Tatton -authentic camp

Tatton 2 - gun

Tatton 3 - tournament

Tatton 4 - forge 1

Tatton 5 - forge 2

Tatton 6 - forge 3

Tatton 7 - forge 4

Tatton 10 - guns

Tatton 11 - guns

Tatton - battle

What you don’t see in the last pic is the wonderfully heavy rain – the drops from my helmet looked like I was in the shower!

There was also a bit of textileliciousness in the form of the Mulberry Dyer  stall, I treated myself to a couple of skeins of hand dyed embroidery wool.

Tatton 8 - silks 1

Tatton 9 - silks 2

A brilliant weekend, thanks to Kerry for the trips to the station and for being a fab friend in all respects! Roll on the Harewood House event  in two weeks – conveniently on my birthday!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon.