Hello there and I hope that you are all well and happy. I am in January mode at the minute which means lots and lots of work and marking but thankfully no snow (as yet!) to complicate matters. There is still time however šŸ™‚

Work is very, very busy but enjoyable, the students are lovely and I am teaching an extra set of maths at the moment which I love doing! I only teach maths a bit now in between other subjects and general teaching skills but really enjoy it when I do.

I am making slow progress with the Snow Poem, I hope to be finished by the end of next week but have had little time to stitch so my textile related excitement this weekĀ  has been the arrival of more silk from the wonderful Silk Mill. I had some money for Christmas so decided to treat myself so this is the fruit (and veg!) of my online shopping endeavours.

Greengrocer silks

Not only are they fab colours but I love the names of each silk. The beetroot one looks especially yummy!

Greengrocer silks detail

These are for stitchingĀ some more Spring and Summer house orniesĀ for me. Below are the other ones I ordered in the last sale round which will also be fab for flower embroidery.

Birds silks

Violet silks

They are all still in their packets as I need another storage box and some little cards to wind them on to. That will be a fun job as not only do they look pretty they are so soft to touch!

I am planning to make myself versions of the orniesĀ below which were exchange pieces from a while ago that I sent to the USA to go in my little ornie displays.These are both freebie designs from The Workbasket site Ā and I love the fine detail of them.


There is nothing better for keeping out the cold than a nice bit of stitching in a warm house! Have a lovely week ahead and stay toasty!

Thanks for visiting.

Summer Exchange piece front

8 thoughts on “Silk!

    • Hello Jane
      Glad that you liked it – I have lots of normal cotton embroidery thread but rarely use it now as silk is so lovely. Now I have lots of colours for blending as well šŸ˜‰

  1. Love the colours of all your silk threads Alison and will be visiting the Workbasket site. The patterns are gorgeous, as are your little pin cushions šŸ™‚

    P.S. I’m working in all white at the moment!

  2. Hello Barbara
    Yes I had look at your Flickr page today they are lovely pieces.I really like the Quaker patterns on the Workbasket site – they are so cute once stitched up.

    • I know it is heaven – am just waiting for the lottery win so I can go and order the whole collection – only Ā£1500!

      • The…..whole…….collection………………


        Can you IMAGINE?! I’d mix them all out, then colour sort them myself, just for fun. Then again, it might take forever LOL!

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