Photo Scavenger Hunt December


Well as we went to Disneyland for Christmas most of my seasonal A – Z pics were taken there – some I did struggle with so had to be a bit creative! Hope you like them and really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s pics this time. Click on the pic above to go to Kathy’s Scavenger Hunt site.

A is for Angel on the top of my tree

 A - Angel

B is for Bauble – this one was in the Christmas Market in Paris and I liked the way the Eiffel Tower was reflected in it !

 B - bauble 2

C is for Castle, the Disney one all lit up for Xmas

 C - Castle

D is for decorations,  so many to choose from , this is from one of the beautiful window displays

 D - Decoration

E is for Eiffel Tower which was all lit up and sparkled for a few minutes as well- it was very magical

 E- Eiffel Tower

F is for Favourite – this is Sully from Monsters Inc,  my favourite Disney character

 F - Favourite

G is for Goofy dressed as Santa

 G - Goofy

H is for Holly from Tatton Hall

 H - Holly

I is for Igloo in Paris at the Christmas Market

 I - Igloo

J is for Jake (and Ellen) jingling all the way on a sleigh at Disneyland

 J - Jake and Ellie

K is for Kings from this beautiful Xmas card

 K - King

L is for lights, these giant ones were at Disney Studios

 L -Lights

M is for Market and Mulled wine – here is a pic of the Christmas market at the Eiffel Tower where we had lovely mulled wine

 M - Market

N is for Nativity at the Eiffel Tower, they had real animals in the manger as well

 N - Nativity

O is for orange – a tradition for Xmas (along with the less healthy chocolate versions!)

 O - Orange

P is for Princess from one of the shop windows – Aurora Sleeping Beauty

 P - Princess

Q is for Queue – we amused ourselves admiring various families’ festive headgear while we were waiting for rides. There was one family all dressed in Santa suits but could not get a pic of them.

 Q - Queue

R is for Reindeer, in this case their stables

 R - Reindeer

S is for Snowman, not real but he looks like he would enjoy throwing that snowball!

 S - Snowman

T is for Tree of course from the Disneyland Main Street, I love the little gingerbread decorations

 T - Tree

U is for unwrapped, the children’s traditional Xmas chocs from the stockings they unwrapped Xmas morning

 U- Unwrapped

V is for Village , the Disney Village which was looking very festive

 V - Village

W is for Winter Wonderland a cute show with Mickey and Minnie and friends

 W - Winter Wonderland

X is for Xmas cards , this was one of my faves this year

 X - Xmas card

Y is for Yoda Stitch which Ellen bought as a present for herself

 Y - Yoda Stitch

Z is for Zac Efron from High School Musical who you can just see on the wall of this themed cafe that we ate lunch in (told you I had struggled with some!)

Z - Zac Efron

14 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt December

    • Well Disney is a very good place to get Xmas stuff so I knew I would find lots of photograph there. Thanks for visiting.

  1. What a fantastic collection for the Christmas Alphabet …. I love Paris, but I’ve never been at Christmas. Now, it’s on my list of things to do! Thanks for sharing! How beautiful is that castle all lit up!

    • Yes it was fab – there was a little show each night where Aurora – Sleeping Beauty – wished that the castle would light up and then the 3 fairies turn it blue, pink and green before it lights up all sparkly which was very cute.We had a great time there.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Oh, you’re SO good! In the hustle of the holidays, I’ve completely forgotten about the scavenger hunt. Your photos are wonderful — I love your interpretation! It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas — as it should be!

  3. Yout trip to Paris has certainly provided an interesting mix for the christmas A-Z, a good change from the rest of us who will have lots of the same photos! Well done!

  4. I like to think we have all been creative, rather than struggling. My Z left a lot to be desired and wasn’t christmassy at all!
    Disney looks fantastic and it’s always nice to see another Ellen too 🙂

  5. What a magical Christmas! Loved looking at all the spectacular sights. We spent Christmas at Disneyland in California years ago when my sons were young, so you’ve brought back memories. How fabulous to be in Paris, though! Looks like you had a great time.

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