Photo Scavenger Hunt November


Well it is that time of the blogging month again – would have posted this yesterday but needed light to take the last couple of pics this morning.

In no particular order here are my pics for this month.

Comfort food

comfort food

This is my new best friend, my slow cooker with a wonderful beef stew cooking that Ellie and I ate at the weekend. I do love winter food!

Polka Dot

Polka dot

Now I was thinking if I get stuck for this one I could just take another pic of my lovely little red and white teapot. However since I have already posted pics of that a couple of time before was looking for something different at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show and what did I come across but this wonderful fabric – featuring my little teapot! So here it is – I bought 1/2 a metre that I have no plans for yet but it may make a nice apron.



This is a pic of the display in my local florist’s window. It could also nearly count as a self-portrait as I am in the reflection.



This is a double warmth pic as these little smoothie bottles are wearing hats to keep them warm in the chiller cabinet but this is a fundraiser by the Innocent Smoothie company called the Big Knit. People knit hats for the bottles and donate them then the profits go to charities to help elderly people keep warm.

Something I have made

Something made

Not hard as this was the whole reason for doing to blog in the first place to share what I do – this is one of my pre-blog projects, my first complex piece of goldwork. It was from a magazine called Classic Stitches and took about 50 hours to do. I made this is 2007 and was very pleased that after it was exhibited at our local Embroiderers’ Guild it was selected to be shown at two other national exhibitions that year!

Lucky Charm

lucky charm

This is not really a charm but I always keep it with me in my purse – an icon card bought at the cathedral in Barcelona some years ago.

Something purple

something purple

Lovely flowers – my favourite Lisianthus flowers

Self Portrait

self portrait

I found this really hard to do – am not a big fan of pics of me anyway and kept getting the angle wrong – anyway this is me in my bathroom , excuse the wet hair!




I was planning to take a pic of a lovely old staircase near my friend Lydia’s yarn shop in town but forgot my camera (doh!) So instead you have a pic of my very boring one! However this is a ‘before’ photo -watch this space as later this month it will be transformed by my lovely baubles.

A Memorial


An old gravestone from Marsden Churchyard.

Something that lights up

lights up

You know I love candles so Christmas is a time to indulge in all sorts of fun ones!



I was a bit confused as to what counted as a silhouette as I think this is more a shadow but here I am in my long winter coat on my way to work one sunny morning!

Have very much enjoyed this month’s hunt again and look forward to seeing everyone else’s pics.

Thanks for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt November

  1. Oh Good for You — you’ve completed another month! I’ve completely fallen off of the wagon. I need to remedy that! Loved seeing you too — you’re a cutie — wet hair and all!!!

  2. we all hate our own pictures don’t we! Lots of people have ‘cheated’ and hidden their faces so well done for your proper self portrait!

    I love the cute little hats and the idea behind them.

  3. Hi Alison, your goldwork is divine, I bought the same teapot fabric and our knitting group knitted just over 150 of those little hats 🙂


    • Hello Kay
      I’m sorry but I don’t know – I bought it at the Harrogate Show, I can’t remember the name of the stall even.
      There isn’t any info on the fabric itself.

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