Photo Scavenger Hunt October


Well here we are again but I am only just making this posting at the end of the month – I have been in Spain again (lucky me) and only got back this evening so I have hastily sorted out the last of my pics for the hunt this month.

Witches’ Hat

witches hat

Spotted in my local pound shop this very lovely hat!



One of so many beautiful ones in Spain – this pic was taken this week from outside my Mum’s house.

Something eerie


Though the weather is usually great in Spain they do have terrific thunderstorms sometimes and here are the very black clouds on the way back from my bike ride one day.

A black cat

black cat

You will have to trust me on this one as I could not find a cat to stay still long enough but up on the roof of this very ugly house near mine in Spain is  a little black cat – you can just see the ears above the tiled  wall.

Crunchy leaves

crunchy leaves

Taken on the canal bridge near my office



The canal side lights taken on my home from work one evening



A couple in fact , these lovely gifts were sent last year from the USA as part of my Autumn stitching exchange.



The lovely Marsden Mechanics’ Institute – centre of the village where I spent the weekend selling tickets for the Jazz festival.



Another pic from Marsden , the River Colne on a sunny Friday morning



The view from my bus stop one grey October morning



From Spain – a colourful piece on an electricity substation


candlelight 2

 In Spain I like to sit on my terrace and read in the evenings and this is a lovely candle holder my Mum bought me that I use there.

11 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt October

    • Thanks everyone – I do have a black china cat ornament which I had considered using if all else failed. The people who live round there must have thought I was a bit barmy as I was trying to get it to come nearer the edge of the roof but it scarpered. My Mum has a white cat and I did suggest dying it (or Photoshop!) instead but thought you would liek to see the ugly house anyway. The front of it is even worse!

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