Photo Scavenger Hunt – July

Apologies for lack of weekly post – have family staying so have been out and about and very busy so normal service will resume soon!

The pics for this month’s Scavenger Hunt were all taken in a week on our recent holiday to London. I had set myself a goal of trying to get the whole list in one week – some of it was ridiculously easy while other words took a bit of searching but here they are and I hope that you like them!

A flag

Being the capital city there were a fair few Union flags around – it is only called the Union Jack when it is on a ship – but this is one of my fave flag pics – taken at Hampton Court.


A kite

Had to be a bit creative with this one as did not see any but did come across this quote from Mary Poppins in the Disney Store on Oxford Road ….


We are very big Disney fans in our house!


Being the capital city there are loads that take place here but thought I would share with you some of the memorabilia available for our latest one – the marriage of Prince William and the gorgeous Catherine Middleton on April 29th. This pic was taken in a little gift shop round the corner from the British Museum on a very rainy day. I did buy a fridge magnet to take a pic of but thought this was a lovely pic as you can just see the reflection of tourists in the rain under an umbrella opposite the shop.



Again I had to be creative here as there aren’t that many in central London but we were in the theatre district and I saw this poster advertising the musical from one of my favourite films – how many Christmases did I watch this! Do you remember the bit where they fall asleep in the poppy fields?


 Flip flops

For when you are feeling particularly patriotic!

flip flops

Ice cream

This is not actually ice cream but a little selection of takeaway desserts from Marks and Spencer where we bought our in train picnic for on the way back – how cute!

ice cream

Red, white and blue

Well I really was spoilt for choice here but I came across some fab shoes in a shop in trendy Carnaby Street – here is the patriotic UK version…


and the patriotic US version !

rwb 1


Again this took some thinking about but then Ellie pointed out that Ariel the Little Mermaid has a bra made of seashells in the Disney film. When Ellie was little she had a dress like this with a long fish tail which she loved.She is most upset that the Disney Store don’t do adult sizes!


Something that makes you happy (not a person or an animal!)

Well apart from my family and textiles the thing that makes me most happy is travel (if I get to travel with my family and there are textiles I am super happy!). I really love travelling by train especially as I think it is very exciting and though I use the train a lot I never get bored, I love just sitting looking out of the window watching everything go by. I am sure I would be a terrible driver as I am so used to being able to look all around when I am going anywhere and see all the pretty things. So here is a pic of one of the Docklands Light Railway trains that we used, the views from these of the skyscrapers at Canary Wharf were great – you can just see them in the background here.



There was the most amazing ceiling in the chapel at Hampton Court decorated with stars – I couldn’t take a photo inside but here is a pic from the front of the guide-book.

Stars 1

and then when we bought things from the gift shop the bag had this design on.

Stars 2


Here is Ellie enjoying strawberries and creme fraiche as part of our picnic at Hampton Court.



And some lovely pots lined up in the Hampton Court gardens.


 I do hope that you have enjoyed my pics – very much looking forward to seeing what other people come up with this month. To see the other Scavenger Hunt pics or to join go to the blog.

18 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt – July

  1. Great photos this month — I’m going to have trouble with some of the same ones that you did. Very clever choices — I especially love how you covered the kite LOL!

    • Yeh it was a bit of a tall order trying to get them all done in the week in London , the kids were very good (they are used to me by now!) as I was there saying ‘right all we need are seashells, fields and some icecream. Looking forward to seeing your seeinng your pics.

    • I know they are great – I used to have a pair as high as the US ones way back when I was about 15 – think I woul fall off them now.
      Thanks for visiting.

    • Thank you -it was even better in real life , am planning another visit next year to look at it all again.

  2. I have enjoyed your photos! I love travelling by train too but I’ve only done it a few times – I’m a country bumpkin raised in a world where public transport meant one unreliable bus a day so trains are a big and exciting adventure for me! I haven’t got my photos ready to post yet as I’ve been moving house this week – I must get them done tomorrow!

    • Yes I am very lucky as we have very good public transport so I don’t need to drive – once lived in a village for a while that only had one bus a week and that was a challenge! Want to do more travel on trains abroad – I loved our trip on the Italian train last year to Lake Garda – big adventure!

    • Thank you for visiting and yes the shoes were fab and was so glad to find US and UK versions as I know so many readers are from ‘over the pond’.

    • Yes this scavenger hunt thing is definately making me more creative in thinking about things and it helps seeing how everyone elsde has interpreted the words as well. I have got some good ideas for the August list.

  3. My, what a great find those shoes were! Actually, all of your photos were great finds! I love seeing little snippets of everyone’s world via this Scavenger Hunt! Annette

    • Hello Annette
      Yes so do I – I guess that is why I love blogging so much just love seeing what everyone else is doing – craft wise and life wise!
      Thanks for visiting.

    • Hello Sandra
      Yes I was lucky with that one – just spotted it in the store and thought ‘ha’. I think next month’s list will be easier.
      Thanks for visiting.

    • Thank you – I have got the August list and am hoping to do that one while in Spain next week – some of those should be very easy as the placeis full of mountains (and fountains!) and we will have at least one picnic on the beach.
      Thanks for visiting

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