Castles and Kings


I hope that you are all having a nice week. I have been taking some pictures at our recent re-enactment events and thought I would share them with you today. The last two events have been a little wet in places (lovely British weather!) but we have had a good time despite the rain.

We were at Ashby de La Zouche Castle in Leicestershire at the end of May – the castle ruins are really imposing and I took these shots on the Saturday evening when all the public had gone home, the first ones are of the tower and the latter ones what is left of the chapel, I love the ironwork on these pics. In the middle is Lord Percy’s tent with its pennants flying in the evening breeze.

Ashby Castle 2

Ashby castle 1

Ashby castle 3

Ashby castle 4

Ashby castle 5

We spent last weekend at Tatton Park in Cheshire at an event, the person who plays the king at other events was there. I have previously posted pictures of his goldwork surcoat and heraldry and was able to take some pictures of the goldwork banners outside his tent on the way to the beer tent on Saturday night – isn’t this wonderful work!

King's banner

I have previously posted pics of Lord and Lady Bardolph from our group in all their finery but this weekend they were going on to the field as archers so here they are looking very stylish in their padded jacks and helms!

Lady Bardolph Archer

Lord Bardolph - Archer

Lord Bardolph’s jack is the one he wears under his armour which excuses its rather mucky state and both jacks are fine examples of quilting as a utilitarian craft – all the combatants wear some form of quilted armour on body, legs of head when fighting, either under armour or on its own.

Lastly a pic of what keeps us warm when it is wet and windy in a field , one of my favourite bits of re-enactment,  the fire we sit round at night. I love watching the way the logs burn,  it really is magic!

Ashby fire

I will return at the weekend with crafting pics, both myself and Ellie have been busy so will catch up with you all then.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice week.