Cold everything but still a warm heart!

Well in household news today the big story is the fact that my boiler has broken! Hopefully it should be fixed on Weds as the engineer came yesterday and will be back with a new part. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as it is a very old boiler and I am dreading having to replace it! It broke on Friday so I came home after a day out visiting students with very cold toes to no heating or hot water 😦

Luckily we have a spare heater that usually lives in the garage and a gas fire in the lounge so we have been wrapping up warm (hurrah for fleeces and wristwarmers)  and sitting in sleeping bags. It is a good job we are used to being outdoors and are hardy types but it takes me back to a few years ago when the kids were little and we didn’t have central heating ….. I have really got used to being able to come home and get up to a warm house!  It makes me really appreciate warmth. Thankfully Jake’s shower room has an electric shower in so we won’t smell!

I have actually been very cosy the last couple of evenings sitting in my thickest sleeping bag knitting away and have finished another pair of wristwamers, the moss sitch ones that I cast on last week from Creative Yarns . Here they are in all of their lovely pinkness!

Pink wristwarmers
Knitted in Sublime yarn again

Managed to get to my new Tuesday evening knitting group again this week (hurrah) and met even more lovely people and also managed to get into town to pop in to a new yarn shop in Huddersfield that my friend Lydia has opened up. The shop is called Spun  and as well as wool has fabric! I was bemoaning the lack of pretty fabric  for quilting the other day but look what she had. Lydia is also running workshops on all kinds of textile subjects – check out her website for details.

Spun fabric
I have forgotten the name of the brand but it is very pretty!

I did also buy some wool from her – the black is for a hat for Ellie that I cast on yesterday -she wants one like the lilac one I have just knitted for her friend ( I am resizing it this time as the last one was quite loose) and the lovely green is a treat for me – very luxurious Manos yarn that I am intending to make a hat and wristwarmers with.

Spun shop wool
The hat for me is a bit of a priority as I appear to have lost my Noro beret!

I am not doing very well with keeping hold of my accessories as I lost my lovely thick gloves before Xmas and have yet to find a suitable replacement pair – roll on Summer then I won’t need all these things.

My friend Judy (she of the egg cosies!) came round yesterday for a bit of a knit and natter – or in her case rag rug and natter. She went to one of Lydia’s recent workshops and is making this lovely cushion using the rag rugging technique with wool instead of rags.

Judy's hen
Isn't he cute!

The lack of heating has altered my plans for the weekend as it is too cold to be cutting out quilt fabric in the conservatory so I have decided to treat myself to an afternoon of catching up on blog visiting – that won’t be too much of a hardship!

I have quite a busy week ahead but am really looking forward to another weekend with no marking at the end of it ! Things are slowing down a bit at work so am looking forward to stepping up the craft time again!

I do hope you all have a lovely week and thanks again for visiting and for all your comments, that really does give me a very warm heart.

6 thoughts on “Cold everything but still a warm heart!

  1. Definitely not the right time of year for a boiler breakdown, hope it gets fixed Wednesday.
    The wristwarmers are great, I love moss stitch, and the colour really cheers you up

    • Thnaks Jane I am hoping so too as I sit here in my sleeping bag – I have the oven on as well to keep warm! At least Jacob is getting a little taste of student life – living without central heating like his big sister is. Alison

  2. Oh you poor thing! that was us just before crimbo it is horrible. The wrist warmers are great! Love your friend’s rag rug too. I did a workshop with clare a very long time ago and it was fabulous! I am really hoping to do the next one.

  3. Lovely things. I made a hat and fingerless mitts out of the Manos del Uruguay yarn in the same shades of green that you have I think – I have quite a lot left of two separate skeins so if you need any extra, just let me know.

  4. Our big floor standing boiler from the 60s died just before all the snow arrived in November.We now have a new shiney combi boiler ,im still not sure about it but its better than nothing.I remember the mornings as a child with thick ice on the inside of all the windows long before central heating Yorkshire winters then all seemed like the November weve just had.Hope yours is fixed soon.

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