The art of boiling an egg – warning this post contains pictures of breakfast!

One of the things I like best about the weekend is Sunday mornings – I like to get up late and have brunch which often does involve eggs. I have posted before about the joys of brunch inspired by a website  365 days of breakfast but today I decided that I would have a boiled egg – inspired by an Xmas pressie from my lovely friend Judy which I will show you a pic of later.

 And you know how they say about people who can’t cook ‘she can’t even boil an egg’ well I can cook, I think pretty well, but I had real trouble will the egg so will have to work on the egg boiling skills. It was still edible but had exploded (think I need to add salt to the water next time) and it was not cooked for long enough. So in the pic below there is a stand in egg model used as my real breakfast would not fit in the egg cup!

egg cosy
My Xmas pressie from Judy - an egg cosy

Interestingly the kids did not know what this was when I opened the pressie – I don’t think that we have ever had egg cosies though we have had boiled eggs. I remember having them as a kid and the egg cup that I am using is a genuine vintage one given to me by my mother as an Easter gift (it had chocolate egg in it) circa 1972. I have a pair (I think the other one belonged to my sister originally).

egg cup
How cute!

I don’t really have much vintage china but someone who really does like collecting it is Hen House – she has loads of vintage things in her houses.Go and have a visit!

I am having a very nice weekend – I have been doing quite a lot of work still as I have a lot of marking but have been also been doing some more  knitting and have cast on for another set of handwarmers. I have finished a set of the lilac ones for me – I haven’t taken a pic as they are identical to the last set. The pair I am knitting at the moment are called Moss Stitch Handwarmers – a freebie from Creative Yarns on Ravelry.

This is the progress so far –

Moss Stitch handwarmers
Knitted in Sublime again

The main body of this is knitted in Double Moss Stitch which I have not tried before but I really like. It gives a really good effect especially in the Sublime which is a joy to knit with as it has such great stich definition.

Moss stitch handwarmers 2
Double Moss Stitch - how pretty!

And not only was there lovely knitting last night but lovely knitting while watching the new series of the Tudors! How fab. Despite all the inaccuracies (Jonathon Rhys Meyers is still looking rather dashing and not at all obese ,gouty and plagued by problems with his abscess as he would have been at this stage in his life) I just enjoy it for the costumes and the atmosphere. My only complaint is I have yet to ever find any info about an exhibition of costumes used in the series and would love to go and see some close up – if anyone ever finds out about one please let me know.

If you have not seen it here is the trailer to tempt you – look at all the fab textiles in this! I have just learnt how to embed video into my posts which is very useful!

Well I am off to do a bit more work now then hopefully more knitting this evening – what a nice way to spend a day!

Thanks for visiting.

7 thoughts on “The art of boiling an egg – warning this post contains pictures of breakfast!

  1. What a gorgeous egg cosy. I’ve made some for the boys, but the eggs never last long enough for them to be used, lol
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

    • Well I have not seen knitted ones before and think they are lovely. Will have to and look for others on Ravelry.
      I did have a nice weekend thanks – off to watch Season 3 of Tudors on DVD that I got last Xmas and finish the handwarmer.
      Thanks for your comments.

  2. I’ve printed off the pattern for the handwarmers and shall investigate my stash as I think I have some Sublime yarn in there somewhere. I only like my eggs hardboiled so don’t have a problem getting them right:) I always put salt in the water though to stop them cracking.

    • Hello Rebecca

      Thanks for visiting – yes it is very cute isn’t it and I will use it more now I have egg cosies to go with it. My Mum always used to decorate hard boiled eggs for us for Easter and I used to love doing egg hunts for my two when they were little with messages left by the Easter Bunny. Just waiting for grandchildren to indulge now as the very grown up children now prefer to be given the chocolate rather than hunt for it!


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