Tewkesbury – even more royal goldwork

Well here I am listening to the Yorkshire rain (again) ready to post pics of our gloriously hot weekend at the Battle of Tewkesbury event. I am starting to think I only come home to get wet (and wonder at the speed the hedge is growing while I am away – must cut that this weekend!) 

We had a fantastic weekend – one of the very best Tewkesbury events ever – very well organised (thanks to all the hard work of the crew), lovely weather – was very hot Sat morning for our trip round the market but did cool down for both battles. However our water giving services were much appreciated.Great fun both round the camp fire and in the beer tent – altogether fab! 

As promised here are some pics from the market – we have medieval markets at most events but as Tewkesbury is the biggest event it also has the biggest and best market where you can purchase anything you want for your medieval lifestyle. There are lots of clothes sellers, fabric sellers (I was very good and didn’t get tempted!), armour, weapons etc but also some amazing craftspeople selling their wares. 

You can buy buckets… 

market stall 1
.... of all shapes and sizes

Mugs and jugs a plenty.. 

Market Stall 2
Jim the potter (he's been on Time Team!)

Beautiful glasses (not got any of these yet – not very safe taking these on the train!) 

Market stall 3
Pretty pretty things

 And of course lovely food and drink – this German wine and spirit seller was new this year – I passed on the 80% proof chilli vodka but did try the bilberry wine in the long-necked bottles here – very nice! 

Market stall 4
Really gorgeous bottles of fruit wine

Normally I don’t get many pics of me on the battlefield but was looking on Facebook when I got back and was very excited to find a few of me. Here I am in the thick of the battle in my usual blue dress.Pictures taken by Helen Harris Beaumont. 

Battle 1
An interlude to take on water

I spotted this lovely pic of the King in his heraldic surcoat (look at the goldwork on that!)… 

Battle 2
The King and his retinue

And was very excited to find the next pic has me and Ellie in the background! 

Battle 3
There we are - me in blue and Ellie in front of me in turquoise

It really is so wonderfully atmospheric with all the different colours of the heraldry and flags flying – especially at the end on Sunday where we all knelt on the battlefield before the King – brings a lump to your throat! 

At the end of the battle the King fights the young Prince of Wales who is trying to take his throne… 

King and Prince Tewks
The fight - pictures taken by Michelle Jackson

…. and of course he wins – Hurrah for the House of York! 

King and Prince 2 Tewks
Take that you young upstart!

 We stayed with my sister for a couple of days after the event and helped Ellen move into her new student house. I bought her some BBQ stuff as a house-warming pressie so she has promised to send me a pic of them in their lovely garden – hoping they are having better weather than we are! 

Undaunted I have today refilled the freezer with Tesco’s finest BBQ wares so hopefully at some point this weekend – after the hedges have been cut – we will be out again enjoying the sunshine. 

Hope you are having better weather – thanks for visiting.

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