Castles and camp fires!

Hello everyone 

I have just got back from the very first re-enactment event of the season hence the post title. We were at the very beautiful Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire for our St George’s Day show. I was only able to make the event from last night due to having to teach yesterday but at least I got my first fix of  canvas and woodsmoke for the year! 

We had a very lovely time – last night it was great fun sitting round the camp fire and catching up with everyone and today was very lovely and sunny with lots of very interested people visiting us and I got to tell them all about the headdresses and embroidery. The weather was really good up until 10 mins before the end when the heavens opened and we all got soaked! However we managed to finish the show. 

I have a couple of pics from the event to share with you. In Jan this year we had an embroidery day here for the girls from the group and Kerry started a goldwork flower – well this her completed piece which is really brilliant – especially as it is her first ever goldwork. 

Kerry's goldwork
A borage flower in gold and silk thread

Also took some more costume pics – the first two are of Lady Anne (aka Leanne) who normally dresses as a peasant but was dressed as a lady for most of this weekend in this gorgeous dress. 

Lil 1
Lady Anne in brocade dress with veil and crispinettes

Lil 2
A close up showing the headdress in more detail

I had a busy week finishing all of the new costume as well as a very hectic work schedule but finally got everything done at 10.30 pm on Fri. As well as Jake’s clothes I am also making a few things for some of the guys in the group. This week I made  a coif  for Lord Bardolph (aka Paul). 

Here is the original coif that I cut round to use as  a pattern. 

Original coif
This one I bought from one of the medieval traders last year - you can never have too many coifs as they tend to wander!

I then cut a number out and ended up handsewing this one due to the temperamental machine. 

cut out coifs
A bit of a coif production line here
Bardolph 2
Lord Bardolph wearing his coif under his bicocket (felted hat)
Bardolph 1
A side view so that you can fully admire the coif and hat

Have come back with an order for some brais for some of the other men in the group so will be cutting those out soon. Our next event is next weekend in South Wales at Cosmeston Medieval Village  which I am really looking forward to as it such an amazing place. 

We are planning a trip to Barry Island (to pay homage to the wonderful sitcom Gavin and Stacy) while we are there we will go to the funfair and have fish and chips and a paddle of course! 

I will try and post again during the week as I have made good progress on the lacy purple scarf – just need to take some pics of the progress. 

Hope you have all had a nice weekend and have a great week ahead. 

Thanks for visiting.

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