The wonders of blogging and an impending blogaversary!

When I started this blog nearly two years ago it was because I was enjoying reading other people’s blogs and felt I should share some of my stuff as well. I wasn’t certain if anyone apart from my family and friends would read it.
I discovered Blog Stats early on and found them very useful in checking what people were looking at and that is why I have gradually put more info up about medieval costume and re-enactment as those have proved to be popular pages. I keep a check on overall visits as well as pages and have seen these steadily grow. There was a drop over winter last year during the off season but the visits have climbed up again as this shot of my Stats page below shows.
Look at that line graph go!
Look at that line graph go!


I am very pleased to report that last month (Sept) saw a record number of hits. Here is the total.

It says 1852 views that month!!!!
It says 1852 views that month!!!!

This is excellent news for me and I would like to thank everyone who visits here. I didn’t know when I first started if I would be able to find enough to post about on a regular basis or the time to keep it up but it has become something I really enjoy doing.

I used to keep a diary years ago and enjoyed reading that and I enjoy looking back at my posts and pictures. I also really enjoy the fact that I am (hopefully!) contributing to an exchange of knowledge about textiles. I really, really enjoy reading other’s blogs and would hope that people get the same satisfaction out of mine.

A very significant blogging event is about to happen as this is my 98th post! Therefore within the next week I will be putting up my 100th and in true Blogaversary tradition would like to offer a little gift to one of my readers. I don’t know exactly how many people visit regularly (I do have some regular posters) but would like to encourage you all to post a comment on my 100th post and I will randomly choose a winner from those comments.

Please leave your comments on that 100th post and let me know if you would like a stitchy gift or a non stitchy gift. I will leave this open for a while after the 100th post so will put a closing date it to give people who are not frequent visitors chance to enter.

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