Off to sunny Spain!

We are off in a couple of days so this will be the last post for a week or so. Mum says it is very warm there (hurrah!!) so we will hopefully be having our now traditional picnic on the beach on Xmas Day and barbecue. We are also having a big family meal on Christmas Eve at the local Chinese buffet which the children love. You chose your uncooked food and the chef cooks it for you and you can watch. The children are always most impressed at how he remembers which order belongs to them.

They have been doing quite a bit of cooking this week using the new raclette and the fajita grill. It is excellent for me as saves loads of time. I just prepare the meat and veg and we cook it at the table. Below is a pic of the raclette so that you can see it in action.

The raclette - cook your own tea time
The raclette - cook your own tea time

The small pan handles can be seen sticking out from under the grill and there is one on top warming oil ready to be filled with meat and veg. Jake is now very happy and plans to have raclette and fajitas once a week each at least! Note that is my plate there – healthy salad (the kids don’t do that sort of stuff!).

Have also been busy finishing off Xmas stitching – up till 1 am this morning but cannot post pics till have given the gift. This project was a bit of an experiment but I am very pleased with the result and will post pics when I return.

Will leave you with another pic of glamorous daughter – this was taken on a night out recently for a friend’s 18th birthday. Poor Ellen is not 18 till March and can’t wait. Neither can we – she is taking me and Uncle Ben for a drink!

Ellen, Charlotte and Maxine - Happy 18th Charlotte!
Ellen, Maxine and Charlotte - Happy 18th Charlotte!

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