Spanish sun!

Well got back from Spain last Weds very late – it was a lovely holiday very hot so we spent most of our time at the beach, pool and water parks. Lots of sitting around reading books, going out for meals and generally being very slobby which was lovely. Heat was a bit intense at times though (not to complain!) so had to go and cool off in the jacuzzi pictures of that and us all out for a meal in the local square below.

Out for a meal
Out for a meal
Jacuzzi time!
Jacuzzi time!
Please note that I do have a bit of a tan in these pics – not easy when you burn as easily as me but I am a lot browner than before.
After Spain it was a quick two day turnaround for us to get ready for last big OFK re-enactment of the season at Bolsover Castle. We had a wonderful weekend and thanks to the 3000 plus people who came to see us, to the rest of the group for being the best extended family anyone could have and extra special thanks to Stef who came and joined us and made it into a very special last full show of the season. I am off to South Wales in two weeks but most of the group are not coming and then will will only be all together once more this year in Nov.
Am really sad once again at the prospect of no life under canvas – will have to resort to sniffing the tents to get the smell of wood smoke  ho hum ……..

One thought on “Spanish sun!

  1. Glad you had fun in Spain – oh for a bit of hot sunshine : – (

    Know what you mean about the wood smoke, I love it when I open a bag or get a coat and I get that unmistakeable smell of woodsmoke. My other friends and colleagues probably think I am a bit weird though (as if they didn’t already).

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