Internet crisis!

Apologies for the lack of recent posts but we have had no Internet for the last two weeks! It is amazing how much we have come to rely on it – no-email access (except at work but I am too busy there to write personal stuff) no just being able to look up things when we need it. Technology is so wonderful when it does work but we have really come to rely on it which is quite scary. For most of last week we did not have a computer that worked either which was a big shock to the 13 year old addict! Thankfully that is now semi-sorted as we had a broken monitor so have had to swap the other monitor to this PC.

The re-enactment season has now started – we had a very cold and wet show at Bolsover Castle last Sunday but huge thanks to the 800 odd (mad!) people who donned their wellies and came to see us. I have spent most of this week drying out the kit, the tent, the bedding, the hangings etc. and am now packing everything for this weekend when we shall be in North Wales at the beautiful Boddelwydden Castle near St Asaph. Hurrah for being outdoors and pray for some nice weather this weekend!

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