Internet quiz

I have done this quiz as it comes from a blog I read regularly and the blog owner has asked everyone to do it on their blogs – so here it is 

TEN random things you might not know about me.
1: I  ran for Student Union President when at college and lost by 17 votes – the narrowest margin ever in the history of elections up to that point.
2: I used to stand on a street corner selling the Socialist Worker Magazine in my home town on a Saturday morning.
3: I cannot drive – though I have recently got my provisional licence and am going to learn.
4:Up to this date I have lived in 27 different houses.
5:I once said ‘the Internet-can’t really see the point – don’t think I’ll bother with it!’
6:My daughter is called Ellen Scarlett Rose as the day she was born they were showing it on TV – Scarlett O’Hara is one of my heroines.
7:The reason Ellen is called Ellen is that she is named after the Sigourney Weaver character called Ellen Ripley in the Alien movies.

8:When pegging out my washing on the line I have to have pegs that match – you can’t put a blue with a red in my world!
9:Every morning when I empty the dishwasher I count the cutlery to see how many of each sort there are – most mornings the big spoons win!
10:From my 18th to my 25th birthdays I celebrated by having one drink for each year in the one evening at my birthday celebrations- after that I kind of thought it would be good not to continue the trend!

NINE places I’ve visited

1:Sweden – twice
4:New York – for a hen weekend – very crazy!
5:Florida- to go to Disneyland
6:Disneyland Paris – 3 times coz I love Disneylands
8:London – lots and lots when I was younger

9:Paris – the grown up bit not Disneyland!

EIGHT ways to win my heart

1:Give me red wine
2:Give me chocolate
3:Show me your tattoos
4:Buy me embroidery stuff
5:Take me to see someone else’s embroidery
6:Let me visit churches
7:Take me to places that have fabulous doors
8.Not be sarcastic to me

SEVEN things I want to do before I die

1:Visit every country that ends in’stan’ – currently I think there are 7 but that depends on the political situation
2:Visit every Disneyland at least once – three to go in California, Tokyo and Hong Kong
3:Follow the ‘In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great’ trek done by Michael Wood a few years ago on TV
4:Learn to drive – on the left for the UK and on the right for Spain
5:Embroider a really big Quaker sampler piece
6:Visit every place in the ‘World Landmarks’ book that I just bought

7:Visit the Himlayas – hopefully this will be done in Oct!

SIX things I’m afraid of

2:Forgetting things that are important3:People I love dying
4:Not getting everything done in time
5:Chocolate being made illegal
6:Running out of red wine

FIVE things I don’t like

1:The amount of paperwork at work
2:Not being able to be outside in the winter months
3:People who don’t do things because ‘something might happen’
4:People not putting things away
5:Moving house – though I love looking at estate agents details and viewing houses

FOUR ways to turn me off

1:Not like camping
2:Be sarcastic
3:Be prejudiced
4:Not appreciate the ultimate sanctity of my stitching time

THREE Things I do everyday

1:Clean – unfortunately!

2:Drink red wine
3:Embroider – unless there is a very serious reason not to – like I am knitting or some horrible surgeon has cut my hand open! It happened and I couldn’t stitch for months!

TWO things that make me happy

2:My family

ONE thing on my mind right now
1:Will I remember what I am supposed to be doing next week?

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