Greetings from Japan!

I didn’t want to say anything before we got here so I didn’t jinx anything but we finally made it to Japan to see my son, Jake.

We were originally going to come and see him in March 2020, as he had moved out here the previous August to teach English. That obviously didn’t happen but 2 years, 363 days after the original date we made it!

This is just a intro post with not many photos as I want to be able to edit the photos properly, which I can’t do on my phone, but we have already seen and done a lot in the 5 days that we have been here.

It took a long time to get here, we left Ellen’s at 9.30 on Saturday morning and arrived at the hotel at midnight Sunday, Japanese time, as they are 7 hours ahead of us.

A total of 4 hours on trains, 15 hours on two flights, with a brief stop in Korea to change planes, an hour on the bus, and we were in Tokyo. Korea looked amazing from the air, so many little islands.

We are staying at a really gorgeous 4 star hotel, the Shiomi Prince, just outside the city centre on one of the artificial islands near Tokyo Bay.

I don’t normally book such luxurious accommodation, but the hotel and were both giving discounts to encourage tourists back. Japan only opened to visitors in Oct last year. So it worked out at only about £60 a night for the double room which is a real bargain.

The location is excellent, right next to a train station which is 10 minutes from Tokyo Central Station. That is where we have been meeting with Jake every day, as he lives about an hour out of the city.

Tokyo is vast, it is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with a population of 30 million. It is actually made up of many smaller cities, though they all merge into one.

There is an excellent, efficient, cheap and clean public transport system so we have explored lots of the area this week, including a trip to the hills for a forest walk.

We have also visited Disneyland yesterday, for Ellen’s birthday, which was excellent fun. Ellen made us custom Minnie Mouse ears as everyone wears them when they visit here.

We have another trip to the unique Disney Tokyo Sea planned for next week, as well as lots of other exciting sightseeing.

Today is a quiet catch up day, to do laundry and visit the hotel spa pool, so I am just having a convenience store picnic for lunch.

The food options here are brilliant, all the stores have so many lovely things for us to eat which is not often the case for when you can’t eat gluten.

I return to Spain in just over a week so will do some more posts then as I have so many wonderful things to show you. Until then have fun, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.

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