Ancient history, with a very comfortable bed!

I am now in Paphos, and treated myself to a night in a very special hotel before going to the apartment where I will spend the last 11 days of my trip to Cyprus. Paphos is famous for its earlier period history, so I am looking forward to seeing more of that while I am here.

I came across this hotel on my booking site and couldn’t resist it as it is so wonderfully themed. It is called the Roman Boutique Hotel and is located just near the archaeological sites.

It is very beautiful and the attention to detail is amazing. This is the main entrance.

The lobby has so much bronze, with amazing chairs and light fittings.

All of the walls are painted , with images from Roman and Greek mythology and everyday life.

I came across these beautiful paintings of women embroidering and spinning. In terms of these crafts little has changed for many years, spinning wheels were only commonly used from around the 1600s, before that the drop spindle was always used.

For embroidery, the only real difference between me and the Roman women is that I have access to a wide range of very sharp needles, courtesy of the development of the needle making industry. Everything else is the same, which is quite amazing.

The exterior has been given the same attention to detail with paintings.

There are also lots of wonderful mosaics. I will be going to see some of the original ones later on.

The room boasts one of the largest beds I have seen, outside of China where the beds could also have slept four people, and was lovely and comfortable.

Sadly there was no step in bath like all the ones in the movies, with hand maidens and scented oils 😉 but they do have a spa on site, and the most beautiful pool area.

There was also, as seems to be standard in Cyprus, a very friendly cat!

It was a lovely experience, although I’m looking forward to being in an apartment again and doing some cooking. I will be spending the next few days looking around the archaeological sites and the museum here.

I am also going on a coach trip into the mountains to see some monasteries, which will be very exciting! By coincidence, one of my friends from Spain is staying just up the road, so we are meeting up later today as well.

Although not periods I am familiar with I enjoyed my visits to the Cyprus Museum and the Larnaca Museum of Archaeology last week. It is just fascinating to see things from thousands of years ago and realise that the fundamentals of life have really not changed at all.

I don’t know how much wifi I will have in the apartment but will post about the rest of Cyprus when I get back to the UK, if not before. Until then have a good week, have fun, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.