Tudor times and city beauty

I am currently living in the city of Worcester, a place I know well. Ellen was at university here and my sister has lived here for about 16 years so we have visited many times. It is a very beautiful place with a wealth of fantastic Tudor, Georgian and Victorian architecture.

I have been wandering around taking pictures of some of the lovely buildings and thought that I would share them with you. Yesterday was also the Living History weekend here so I visited the Lypett Household at the wonderful Greyfriars, a National Trust property where Ellen had her first job when she was a student.

The Hopmarket is a wonderful example of Victorian building and is where the hops used for brewing were originally sold from. There are some lovely cafes and shops here, including a very cute little wool shop that I have just had to support.

Some of the buildings have been repurposed, the Hopmarket used to be a hotel and bank and the church below is now a branch of a pub chain, the inside is still as beautiful and Ellen and I have been here many times to eat.

I have not yet been inside the Guildhall, Kerry is due to visit in March so I am saving that for her but it looks amazing, look at these gates!

There are so many beautiful buildings on the main street as well. We also visited a gorgeous tiled Victorian pub last weekend.

The Tudor group looked wonderful inside Greyfriars, the outside of which is pictured above. I have visited a few times before so did not take many pictures as Kerry and I are visiting there as well, so I shall post more after that. I had a great time talking to them about their costumes, weaving and natural dying techniques. It was so nice to be with re-enactors again.

There are also some very cute tea-shops in the city so I am on a mission to visit as many as I can before I leave. This one is called G and Tea and is very near to Greyfriars. The cake was excellent and I particularly loved the little tea strainer, I remember those from my childhood.

I have had a very productive week working on my novel. It is set partly at Hardwick Hall which is an Elizabethan mansion, so it was a fitting end to the week to meet this group, some of whom also have an interest in Bess of Hardwick. I have found quite a few PhD theses about Bess and the hall and am looking forward to reading those over the coming weeks. It is nice to be using the academic skills for something very pleasurable and I am really enjoying the research for the book.

We were able to go to a gig on Friday to see some of the singer songwriters that Jacky loves and had an excellent evening. It was so nice to be in the company of people and hearing live music and there were some excellent songs played. It is wonderful to be able to do such normal things and I am very grateful that things are happening again.

I am working on a gift for my niece at the moment, well two of them but won’t be able to reveal one for a while. I am putting my new machine to good use and will be able to show you some more knitted cuteness soon.

I hope that you have all had a good week and are looking forward to the week ahead. Have fun, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.

4 thoughts on “Tudor times and city beauty

    • Yes, it is, in the cathedral, which is one of the reasons Ellen chose to do her degree there so that she could have her graduation there. It is a beautiful city and I love wandering around.

  1. What a lovely post. I can see that Worcester must be on my list of places to visit, I do love a bit of history and a plethora of tea shops is always a good thing. Good luck with the novel, Hardwick Hall is a favourite place for us to visit when we have breaks in Derbyshire.

    • It is well worth a visit, there is also the river and a splendid cathedral which I will post about next time. I love Hardwick, the embroideries are amazing and I am having a lot of fun reading about Bess and her work.

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