In love with anything tiny

I don’t know what it is about my brain but I am officially addicted to anything small. Be it patchwork, knitting, cross stitch or dressmaking, everything is better when it is tiny.

Over the years I have made so many little knitted animals, with equally small clothes, tiny patchwork hexagons, cross stitch ornaments that I need a magnifier to sew, and dresses for Barbie where most of the pieces are no bigger than my hand.

Although I have made larger things there is something wonderful about the teeny tinyness of it all. Maybe it is the sense of completion, it does not take months to do something. Maybe it is to do with my desire to swap projects on a regular basis.

The same passion for tiny has now been confirmed by our trip away in my first tiny accommodation. I have been following lots of vlogs for years about tiny house living and was really excited to see what staying in the shepherd’s hut would be like. I know it was only for a couple of days but I could honestly imagine myself living in something like that full time. It was wonderful!

These pictures are from the Air bnb listing as it looked a lot more cluttered once we had arrived. As we were staying for just 2 nights we didn’t unpack. If I was living in something that small full time I would need a little more storage (for fabric of course 🙂 ) , but I loved being in a space that was probably not even as big as my kitchen.

I have the sense all the time now that this house is too big, it is too full of ‘stuff’, even though it is only a small 3 bed terrace and I can’t wait to properly declutter and downsize in my move to Spain.

The outside space was so lovely as well, these are pictures that I took on the first evening we were there.

It was a perfect view, overlooking the field which was being ploughed the next morning and with a view of the sea and some amazing sunsets.

The firepit was very much appreciated, it is the first time we have sat around a fire this year and I have so missed it. It truly was an idyllic place to stay and would thoroughly recommend it.

Since we got back I have been compiling a list of all my other favourite little Air bnbs to visit, I have about 20 so far. I may not get to all of them but I can dream! We have booked a wonderful cabin overlooking the beach for next May, in Northumberland again as we had such a good time and want to explore the area more.

I will post more about the rest of the trip soon, it was better than we had hoped as the weather was really good and we were able to visit lots of lovely places.

Meanwhile it is back to work with our new first years starting on Monday. We are very uncertain as to what will happen as we are under further restrictions in our area as of next week but we will keep our fingers crossed that we can carry on teaching on campus.

I hope that things are not too difficult where you are, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.

11 thoughts on “In love with anything tiny

  1. This looks adorable. I have occasionally shown these kind of huts to my husband when looking for accommodation but it is always no go with him, they do look fun though.

  2. They are really lovely and not that much smaller than many hotel rooms. We tend to be out a lot anyway and having the outdoor space makes it feel a lot bigger. Luckily Ellen feels the same way that I do about tiny spaces!

  3. I really admire people who can actually enjoy small living spaces. It does look very cute and perfect for a few days away but, as you said, where does all the fabric go? Glad you had a lovely time and good luck with the start of time 🙂

  4. There, I think, we’re at opposite ends of the scale, as I tend to work on big projects, even if at least some of the time they break down into several smaller pieces. I like looking at tiny houses, but I like space above my head, and most tiny houses I’ve seen fill that area with storage!

    • Yes, your projects are amazing I really admire the way that you work in them for so long. Maybe when I retire I will be able to spend longer on each one, I do have some large bed quilts planned that will take ages and want to do some more complex goldwork.

  5. I think the emphasis is greater on your surroundings when there’s less distraction in your living space. This made me want to be at our little firepit here in our small Beach bungalow. Tiny living is wonderful!

    • Hello and thanks for commenting. Yes, I agree, it is easy to be distracted by stuff! I am looking forward to having a firepit again when I move to Spain.

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