Self – isolation stash building

Now as you probably realise I don’t actually need any more fabric, ever, really but in the spirit of supporting small businesses and the joy of having the postman deliver lovely things I have been adding a little bit to my stash.

I am not ill but just not leaving the house for a long time apart from the occasional short walk if the weather warms up. I always react badly to any type of infection and it aggravates my arthritis so I am in for the duration. Thankfully I have managed to get online delivery of all food and other essentials as well as fabric 🙂

A girl can never have too much Liberty can she? I think the original phrase is something like too many shoes, or diamonds, or something pretty useless when you have not left the house at all for a week. But stash, especially in the form of fabric gorgeousness, is just what you need in times like this. Beautiful and useful.

These lovely sets come from On Liberty Street on Ebay, a new seller to me but one that I will be using again.I hard a hard time choosing but went with my favourite colours in the end. These are 5 inch squares so will be good for doll making and quilt blocks.

March Ebay stash 3

March Ebay stash 4

I am thinking that this gorgeous rainbow set might be a nice addition in the future.Picture from the shop site.

Liberty Rainbow

I also bought some pastel cottons from Snowflakes and Strawberries on Ebay as I am actually running out of some quilting cotton colours. These are 10 inch squares.

March Ebay stash 2

I couldn’t resist buying some of the laces, ribbons, pretty binding and ric rac in this shop either, especially as the ric rac is a small enough scale to use for doll dresses.

March Ebay stash 1

I am going to pair these flowery ribbons in the bottom of the picture and the matching ric rac with some white fabric from my stash for Barbie dresses that I am planning to make a start on today. Having now worked out the fitting for the top of the evening dress pattern I have decided that this design would look lovely with a fuller skirt as a summer dress.

The third of the evening dresses is just about finished, I am just waiting for a delivery of press studs as I have actually run out of them. One of my lovely readers commented about possibly making a Tudor Barbie dress after reading my last post which sent me down a whole new Pinterest rabbit hole that I will blog about later. I had not really considered that people were doing this, though I have seen the Mattel historically inspired dolls, but yes historical costumes for Barbie is a thing and it is gorgeous to behold.

I now have even more new projects to consider which is diverting me somewhat from my progress through the WIPs. I am going to have to try and be very, very strict with myself over the next few months. I am thinking one finish of an old project a week before I am allowed anything new sounds reasonable.

I am going to be working from home until probably late summer at the earliest, we may meet up for some of the admin tasks in June but we are working on the basis that it is all being done remotely so for me that means 2 extra hours in a work day that I would normally have spent commuting. That and the fact that I keep waking up at six is giving me lots more hours in a day. I really, really wish we were not in this situation at all but it helps to look at the positives and at least I have plenty to do.

I hope that you are all staying safe, take care and thanks for visiting, it is the virtual contact that I am having with blogging and Facebook friends and the You Tubers that I watch that is helping me feel positive about this awful situation so I really appreciate it.



9 thoughts on “Self – isolation stash building

  1. Hi, are you familiar with the book The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant? I think you would love it! Available on ebay, but I just saw there is a pdf version available. I made several medieval garments for my daughter’s wedding a few years ago and found it invaluable! She had Steampunk outfit, which I also made.
    I love Barbie, used to play with them endlessly and attempted to sew a few bits as a child. Your outfits are fab! Do you sell them or do you gift them to lucky little girls?
    Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

    • Hello Doria, yes I have that book it is very useful. I got it many years ago when we first started doing re-enactment. No I don’t sell my Barbie outfits, they are just gifts and for me to practise my skills at the moment. I may sell some in the future when I retire but I usually don’t have very much time to do anything apart from a few bags and stitching stuff for my friend’s stall at a local wool festival each year. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comments.

  2. Oh the prettiness of Liberty fabric!!! You can never have too much! 🙂 I have recently signed up for a block of the month club to make a quilt with Liberty fabrics and it has given me something lovely to do during these slight strange days!

    • That sounds such a lovely idea, I am aiming to do some more of my Liberty blocks that I made last year to go on bags this summer, eventually I will have enough for a quilt. It is nice to have targets isn’t it, makes the time go faster. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I must admit, I’ve been stocking up on watercolour and gouache, rather than fabric (that may come), and I’m eyeballing my next crochet project. As someone said on Twitter, “I’m not stash-building, I’m supporting small businesses!”

    • Exactly, it is so important to support people, I would love to be able to crochet, have tried but it just hasn’t ever clicked, maybe one day.

  4. Beautiful Liberty fabric, you really can never have too much as you never know when you will need it. I have been keeping busy doing some cross stitch and some EPP, I actually have enough stash to keep me going for months so am very happy to stay at home and craft. I am giving myself lots of time to craft in some way every day, keeping happy is extra important right now. x

    • This is very true Kay, I do use quite a lot of Liberty and have run out of some colours. I agree with you about keeping happy, I consider myself very lucky to be able to have this distraction, I am focusing on craft blogs and vlogs rather than the news.

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