Learning Hungarian

Whenever we visit a country I always try and pick up a bit of the language, as someone who teaches about language the process fascinates me and I also love to see if I can work things out from the context of being in that situation, so much easier than learning in a classroom.

Mum and I learned quite a few words from just walking around looking at shop signs and street signs and picked up some useful words such as ‘tolni’ which means push, ‘forro bor’ which is hot wine or mulled wine which we had quite a few of, ‘etterem’ which is restaurant and our all time favourite ‘Szombat’ which means Saturday!

We visited Buda Castle on our first day which is a Baroque palace rather than a medieval castle which involved a ride up the hill in a funicular railway.

Budapest castle 2

Budapest castle 7

Next on the itinerary was the Fishermans’ Bastion next to the amazingly beautiful St Matthias church.

I am one day going to write a book of embroidery and quilting patterns based on my travels and all the wonderful patterns I have seen and this roof needs no explanation, look at those lovely hexagons!

Budapest St Matthias 2

I enjoyed taking arty shots through the Bastion windows and this reminded me very much of the cloisters we saw in Lisbon.

We also visited the Vajdahunyad Castle on the same day that we went to the fantastic Széchenyi thermal baths. These pictures are of the entrance foyer of the baths in wonderful mosaics, a real cathedral to glamourous bathing!

This is what the baths look like inside, picture from Google as we were in cossies and not carrying cameras, although there were some very silly people with their phones in plastic bags taking selfies!

It was gorgeous and wonderfully warm, the water was 28 degrees while the outside temperature was 11 degrees.


The castle was built in 1896 for the millennial exhibition and is based on lots of different architectural styles. We had a little picnic by the castle lake after our swim as it was a lovely sunny day.

Budapest H castle 1

On the way there we spotted this beautifully restored art deco house.

Budapest Art Deco House

Budapest Art Deco House 2

This one was sadly not open to the public though we did visit another art deco museum later on in the week that not only had gorgeous furniture and paintings but also gluten free cake! That was so nice after 3 days of wandering past coffee houses and bakeries just drooling over all the lovely things!

Budapest cake

A very, very lovely trip to somewhere we have wanted to visit for ages. I have some more pictures of textiles from the museums to show you in a later post, it wouldn’t be one of my holidays without a bit of textile exploration would it now 🙂

While we were away Mum and I were discussing our trip for next year. We are going to Seville at Easter but would like to visit another city next year. On the shortlist are Istanbul, Tallin, Moscow, Krakow, Dubrovnik and St Petersburg. I do love planning holidays almost as much as going on them!

Have a lovely week ahead, take care and thanks for visiting. We are in for some severe snow this week so hopefully it will not cause too much disruption, it seems to have been going on forever this winter, roll on spring!


5 thoughts on “Learning Hungarian

  1. Ah I love Budapest, NEED to go back! Good for you for trying to learn the language, most certainly isn’t an easy one!

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time in Seville. I went in the summer and it was one of my favourite cities, so much to do and see and it’s just beautiful. As for next year, I’ve only visited Dubrovnik on that list and while I did like it, it wasn’t my favourite as it was just overly touristy, expensive and I much preferred other Croatian cities. Istanbul is very high on my bucket list as are the other places you listed so I’m sure wherever you choose will be amazing!x

  2. As a resident of Spain and experienced traveller to Seville, I can predict that you will love your visit there at Easter, just make sure you book your hotel well enough in advance because Holy Week is a popular tourist time for the city. People like to see all the processions. It isn’t just a popular time for foreigners to come visit. People from Spain will visit different cities at Easter time to see the processions in a particular place they hadn’t seen them before, so that of course means hotels will be higher priced and not easy to find.

  3. Thanks for the advice Tony, we are actually going after Easter week and have a coach trip including a very lovely hotel. I have been to quite a few Spanish cities for the Easter celebrations and we are actually going on day trip to Lorca on Good Friday with another coach company as they have the most amazing parades. We went to see the goldwork museums that hold the parade costumes a few years ago, amazing work!

  4. Great post, thank you. I have never really thought about Hungary as a destination ( in my defence, I live in New Zealand and last time I was in Europe there were still the last vestiges of an iron curtain in the way) but I will now.

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