When I get a moment …..

Hello everyone, I hope that you have a had a good weekend. I have had a very productive one but sadly not in the crafty sense. Due to the inspectors being with us this week I have had to work this weekend to catch up so have spent most of it in work mode.

I have managed a bit of time stitching more braid on Ellie’s coat, there is about 30 feet of it to do so it will take a while but should be on track for my deadline which is for our next event in two weeks.

The rest of my time has spent storing up new projects for my to do list as I have at least had a little bit of blog browsing time late each evening.

First up is this very cute needlebook from Very Berry Handmade. Ali used to sell Liberty fabrics but has just stopped trading 😦 however she still has lots of lovely ideas on her blog.

Ali hexi needlebook 1

I love this, not only does it have my favourite hexis but I love the unusual shape and the quilting on the linen. Fabulous stuff.

As I told you in my last post I have just finished a sewing machine cover with a pieced design on the front and what should be today’s release for the Splendid Sampler  block but this lovely design.

Splendid Sampler May15_PatSloan_SewingMachine_Block

There have already been some beautiful blocks made like this one from Texas Quilting and I also love the one below with the cat from Bernice in Zimbabwe.

Sewing machine block 1

Sewing machine block 2

So I will be putting these on my, ‘to do very soon’ , list once normal crafting service is resumed.Hope that you all have a lovely week ahead with no interruptions to your ‘me’ time. Thanks for visiting and see you soon.


7 thoughts on “When I get a moment …..

  1. Thank you so much! I almost thought that Pat made this block just for me! Where are you getting your Liberty fabric from these days? I cut out the start of my next Lucy Boston block this evening – so fun!

  2. No I refuse to think about it until they come back! My summer will be full of crafting loveliness when my teaching finishes, besides I have a doctorate to work on as well so will be too busy with that!

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