Hello again everyone

Hope you have been surviving the weather ok – especially if you live in one of the flooded bits of the UK.

Luckily we are high up so while we have been freezing cold and very wet have not suffered too much. It has been a very weird week weather wise, snow on Tuesday, howling gales on Weds and thankfully sunshine today so I made the most of it on a very long walk 🙂

I have not been out on the hills for ages and neither have any done much crafting, too much work including working the last 2 Saturdays and some very slow projects mean I have nothing to show you.

So we will look at pretty pictures of moors and cottages then!

Marsden Walk Feb 4

Marsden Walk Feb 5

I thought you might like to see some of the houses round here, there are lots of cute little cottages like this one below. The narrow windows were to let in lots of light for the weavers to work by as even before the textile mills were built there was lots of woollen cloth made here.

Marsden Walk Feb

This is a lovely farmhouse in a similar style, what really interested me about this one was all the lovely candlesticks in the windows!

Marsden Walk Feb candlesticks house

Marsden Walk Feb candlesticks 1

Marsden Walk Feb candlesticks 2

Also came across this jam being sold outside another farmhouse – pity I didn’t have my purse with me.

Marsden Walk Feb jam

There was some beautiful sunshine but some good atmospheric cloud, this one I particularly like going up to the brow of the hill.

Marsden Walk Feb 2

And I saw some cute Highland cattle as well.

Marsden Walk Feb 3

As it has been raining so much all the moorland streams were draining making very pretty sparkly displays all along the roads.

Marsden Walk Feb 6

And I finished up as usual at my lovely reservoir 🙂

Marsden Walk Feb 7

Now in for a perfect evening of excellent TV (Stella recorded from Fri night, Call the Midwife and Mr Selfridge) accompanied by some simple knitting – what a perfect day!

Hope that you are having a lovely time as well, thanks for visiting.

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