The heat of the (k)night

Well hello from my cool lounge – dare I say it is a little warm out there today, not that I am complaining but am having a cool half hour inside to blog.

We have had a lovely week starting with the amazingly brilliant and very, very hot Tewkesbury last weekend.

Huge congratulations to all the boys who fought in temperatures of 34 degrees on the Saturday.

One of the organisers had the brilliant idea of filling buckets with large blocks of ice and flannels so we spent a lot of time cooling people off as well as giving water.

The back of the battlefield looked like Emergency Ward 10 1471 style and there were lots of very red faces but thankfully no ill effects.

Possibly my best Tewkesbury ever – such fun even if were all looking like lobsters!

Here are a few pics, these were taken by my lovely friend Sam.

Luke, one of our group, in his new armour

Luke at Tewks

Luke and Jamie guarding the Prince

Tewks Prince and boys

The Prince with Margaret of Anjou and her bodyguards

Tewks Margaret of Anjou

The battle

Tewks battle

My lovely Ellie watercarrying

Tewks Ellie

I didn’t manage to get any pics of the kit I have made actually being worn as it was too hot to put wool on but everything fitted ok which is good and we bought lots more fabric to make things for us and the boys in the next few months.

The craft room needs a bit of organisation which I plan to do this weekend!

However here is a pic from the Tutbury show a couple of weeks ago of the orle that I made for a friend, these are padded decorations for helmets and I have made this blue and white one and a red and white one as well.


After Tewkesbury Kerry and I went on a little holiday visiting lots of lovely National Trust properties, mainly Tudor ones so I will sort out pics for a mega post over the weekend.There were some beautiful textiles as always so we had a fab time.

Now going to have a quiet weekend of stitching, a little gardening and maybe a walk (which will involve a paddle and ice-cream 🙂 Oh and catching up on the most recent episode of The White Queen where they should be doing the Tewkesbury battle as well!

Take care and thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “The heat of the (k)night

  1. My goodness, even moving in this heat in those quilted underthings with armour on top would have sorted the men out from the boys!

  2. Yes it was sooo hot – one of the guys worked out that it would have been about 54 degrees in the armour 😦 They did a fantastic job to put on the show. We were sweltering just in our linen outfits, so glad to get to the evening when it cooled down. Fab show though – such fun!

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