A beautiful day and a blogaversary

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and happy. I have had a really lovely day, it has been perfect winter weather, frosty with blue skies and sunshine.

I made my beetroot soup with some of the contents of this week’s veg box then went for a wonderful frosty walk along the valley up from the Tunnel End Canal Centre following the stream.

These are some pictures of the frozen canal and the frosty stream, lots of lovely patterns of frost on the leaves at my feet, it was all very crunchy!

Dec-winter walk 2

Dec-winter walk

Dec-winter walk 3

This afternoon I made some more Christmas ornaments for my upcoming debut at The Loft Craft Centre at Standedge. What a perfect day!

It is also my blogaversary. I have now had this little old blog for 5 years.It has been an interesting 5 years (for blogging and my real life) and I now am using blogs more and more at work (and running sessions on blogs for my students) and still really enjoying reading the blogs of those people who I first met.

I have also added many new blogs to my list to reflect my changing craft interests, looking more and more at textile and pattern designers and those who use vintage fabric, which has had a huge influence of my latest collection of vintage embroidery.

One of the main themes of craft work at The Loft is to reuse and recycle so I am planning lots of wonderful things with all the new vintage stash I have.

I think it is particularly significant that my vintage stuff comes from local charity shops as I would like to think I will be repurposing the handiwork of local women.Here are my latest finds bought yesterday before the Christmas lights switch on – four embroidered tray cloths and a linen tablecloth with lace inserts.

Vintage embroidery - Dec 3

Vintage embroidery - Dec 2

It also gives me a chance to track the progress of work, I started this a long time ago on a Quilt Group workshop and have finally finished the Christmas sofa throw using the Stained Glass Quilt design. When I get some more backing fabric the matching cushions will appear! I have added little brass charms to each panel.

Dec- xmas throw 1

Dec- xmas throw 2

The blog has also been a lovely record for me of all the wonderful things me and my family have done, it was very poignant just recently to post about Ellie’s graduation and to look back at that first post of her arriving at halls for her very first year of University.

I have just posted about Jake leaving home and will look forward to four years time when he graduates. So blogging is a lovely way of me saving my memories.I have been able to share more detail with family and friends of all the lovely holidays we have had. So blogging is fab!

To celebrate I am going to do my traditional giveaway for a selection of my Christmas ornaments. This year I have made a range of simpler more Scandinavian style ones as well as my usual traditional ones so when you post please tell me which sort you would like.

To enter the giveaway please put a comment on this post. I will leave the giveaway open until Friday 14th Dec to give me time to post things out to the winner.

As usual thank you all for visiting – without you it would just be my random musings into the ether and I really appreciate all of the likes, comments and subscriptions from my readers.

Have a happy week ahead!

10 thoughts on “A beautiful day and a blogaversary

    • Thank you for visiting Hueisei and for commenting – I would be very pleased to enter you in the giveaway.

  1. Happy Blog Anniversary Alison! What a pretty new quilt too. I’m like you — I’m sometimes torn about putting family stuff on my blog, but I love it when I can look back and see what we’ve been doing. Also, as I already have some of your beautiful ornaments, please give someone else the chance to win!

    • Hello Anna
      Well I will enter you anyway to be fair as you are very kind and come and visit and comment a lot. I always check with people if they are ok being on my blog before I post about them, the kids are fine with it – Ellie has her own blog now and has been known to complain it I haven’t posted about her for a while! My kids have a very different attitude to social media as so much of their lives are already online but we always make sure that stuff is ok to post.

  2. Hi Alison,

    Well done on the blog anniversary! I’m trying to keep up a craft blog this year but am struggling to find the time as I’m an Advanced Practitioner of ILT now!

    I thought you might like to know that I often refer the college’s wanna be historians to Ellie’s blog for career inspiration.They’re all really interested in her journey.

    • Thanks Gemma, lovely to hear from you and well done on being an advanced practitioner! Ellie is home for a visit at the moment and she was thrilled to hear that your students like her bog, she asked me to say thanks to you. She is really enjoying the job.
      I showed my current group your teaching blog last week and told them all about what you had been doing since graduation, it is nice for them to know that there is life after the PGCE as they are finding it a bit stressful at the moment.
      Keep in touch.

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