Photo Scavenger Hunt September


Hello there

As last month click on the pic above to go and see all the pics at Kathy’s blog.

This is a bit last-minute to say the least! I have been so busy this week I nearly didn’t get chance to take the last couple of pics I needed for this but have just made it.


This was taken at our last WI Saturday craft get together – coffee and a bit of knitting! Just what you need after a hard week at work. Check out those super sized needles in the background.

relaxation 1

View from above

My lovely little teapot and cup.

view from above

Road sign

Where I catch my bus to work – next to a lovely ivy hedge.

Road sign

Something taller than you

As he reminds me often, my little baby Jake is taller than me now – he is also taller than the fridge!

taller than me

Back to School

Well college anyway – I don’t have the joy of buying new uniform and pencil cases anymore but here is Jake’s new timetable for his last year before University.

back to school

Football Season

I’m afraid this is as close as I get (inspiration for this taken from someone last month) – the football listing in the TV mag.


What’s in your bag?


inside bag


Every year we pick the blackberries from the lane at the back of our house.


A pile of things

Donated knitted squares at my lovely friend Lydia’s yarn shop Spun.

pile of things


The best bit of my desk at work – thank you cards from past students.


Public phone box

Apologies as it was a bit dark – this is the phone in the lobby at work – love the fact that there are 3 phones in a row here!

public phone


My friend Rebecca from knitting group has this lovely bag made from apple drink pouches.


14 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt September

  1. Very clever bag! You have some great entries here. I didn’t manage a telephone box at all…couldn’t find one. Love the “relaxation” entry…and those are some needles the lady across the table was using!!

  2. What a super collection of photos. How fitting that you tall son has his hand on that which feeds him 😉 Having 3 grown sons, I remember well how the fridge door was constantly in use! Lovely take on the apple category! I remember using large knitting needles like that years ago, and I was trying to make this lacy scarf. I dropped a stitch and handed it to my M-I-L who was a superb knitter. She took one look at the holey thing and just shook her head…I wonder what the lady is knitting in your photo? Really enjoyed your photos 🙂

  3. Thank you very much everyone. I have taken a pic of the teapot before but not from that angle and I am vey pleased with the way the blackberries pic turned out.

  4. We’re donating squares at my local knitting group at the moment as well….must be the time of year for it 🙂 My sister is at uni in Huddersfield so i’ll keep your friends shop in mind for when I visit her

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