It has been a very busy week here – term is in full swing and I am having a lovely time with all my new students. I am very lucky to enjoy my job so much, we are having lots of fun and everyone is settling in nicely.

It has been hard work and I have forgotten what a busy time this is – came home on Friday after another 13  hour day aching all over which is why it is very important to have lots of mellowness in the off work times. So I have been settling down to some lovely knitting (bit of stitching as well but only if I am very alert as am working on an impossibly small-scale project at the mo!).

I am making another pair of wristwarmers – this time for me – to take to work as it is still very cold in my office (not helped by the fact that we have had the builders in for the last few weeks so it is cold, dusty, noisy and last Friday I had no lights either). These are from a free pattern from the lovely Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits blog  – if you have never visited do go and drool over the ultimate cuteness of not only the rabbits but foxes, pigs, bears etc that she lovingly creates. The woman is a genius!

These are knitted in my favourite Sublime wool – this time a four ply using one of my fave stitches, moss stitch and are a really simple pattern with no shaping – perfect for when you are really a bit tired and can’t concentrate.

Autumn Wristwarmers

So I have been coming home and lighting the candles to add to the mellow atmosphere and have been trying out taking pics of these as well. I love candlelight it makes me feel very peaceful and I go through loads of them in the winter.

Candles 3

Candles 2

I have been knitting while watching lots of lovely cookery programs (I always cook more in the winter, lots of warming stews and casseroles) including Rick Stein who is one of my favourites.I have just finished watching his latest series on Spain and have got that book on my Amazon Wish list for Xmas (hint, hint kids!).

I had a very lovely weekend – as well as working I went to visit my friends Taru and Bob who have just bought a new house in the lovely village of Marsden, they were having a ‘trash the house’ party as lots of things need removing before they can restore the house. I was only able to go for a couple of hours after work but did a bit of fettling and then went to another freinds’  house for takeaway and wine afterwards – a thoroughly pleasant evening!

I do hope that you have had a lovely week as well.The weather is very nice here at the moment – a real Indian Summer so I may get a bit more gardening done tomorrow – last bit before winter sets in.

Enjoy whatever you have planned for this week, see you soon and thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Mellowness

  1. It sounds like you’re getting ready for a lovely winter. Your knitting is beautiful. I saw a pretty little cardigan done in seed stitch a few weeks ago — I’ve very tempted to make it be my next project!

  2. Yes we were and then we have had a heatwave all week, it has been hotter than Bermuda and we are all back in sandals and dresses. My wardrobe is very confused to say the least but this being Yorkshire it may well snow on Monday!

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