Photo Scavenger Hunt – August


I have managed to work out how every else links straight to the blog with all the rest of the pics on by ‘borrowing’ this pic above from Kathy’s blog and putting a link on it so here we go with my pics for August – click the above logo for everyone else’s.

Most of these pics were taken in one week in Spain and luckily there were some very easy words this month for me to be able to get – hope that you like them all!

A boat

Obviously there are loads of boats in Spain in all the marinas but this poor old thing has been stuck on a plot by the local supermarket for years – I bet it dreams of better days sailing away!

A festival or funfair

This was a very easy one to do in Spain as the local La Marina fiesta was on so here you have a pic of the fireworks at the end of the night.

However we had a very festive month so here is a pic from the Tribute Band Music Festival we went to this month as well! We also visited the International Festival of Quilts which I have already posted about.

Music Festival

A fountain

The Spanish love public fountains so I was spoilt for choice for this one – however my aunt is a bit of a fan as well and I knew she had a couple in her garden so went to take some pics – turns out she now has 7!  This is a Moorish style one in a corner of her back terrace.

A picnic

On the lovely sunny La Marina beach – a very Spanish picnic lunch of tuna empanada, chicken pinchos, olives and tortilla.

A sport

One of my favourites – not that this is at all competitive! If it is too hot for mountain biking then we swim in the local pool.


Served with allioli – garlic mayonnaise – this is one of the best things about Spain, I could live on this! Oh and red wine!


The Spanish have the most beautiful textiles, especially table linen – I have bought quite a few table cloths and runners and here are some more gorgeous ones at the local market.


At the same market you can get your flamenco dresses (children’s size only unfortunately) with matching shoes.

market 2



We had really clear skies all the way back so I was able to get some fab shots of mountains – this is the Pyrenees with added snow!

Something ancient

This could easily have been used for the next category of something bizarre as well – not original but a copy of ancient Roman architecture.

Ancient 1
The bizarre bit is in the fact that people here re-model their houses in all sorts of styles, this is the next door neighbour showing what the house would have originally looked like when it was built.

Ancient 2

And here is a close up of the lovely gates and portico.

Ancient 3

 Something bizarre

I always thought these little postcards were a bit bizarre when my grandparents used to bring them back from Spain in the 70s – I was surprised to see them still around. The skirt of the dancer is fabric sewn on to the card and her bodice is also hand stitched.


Street food

Churros from the market – a long sugary donut that the Spanish also like to dunk in thick melted chocolate!

Street food

I hope you have enjoyed these pics – I can’t wait to see all the other contributions for this month.

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