St George’s Day re-enactment show at Bolsover

Well we had a very lovely time this Bank Holiday weekend – very hot weather on Saturday (thankfully cooler on Sunday and Monday as the boys were really melting in their armour!). About 3,000 people came to see us over the three days – thanks if you were one of them. I was doing my head-dress and embroidery talk again – this time in Lady Percy’s tent (as she is being the cook this season in the mornings) assisted by Lady Alice.

Here are some pics for you – starting off in the early morning when we are all getting ready for the public to arrive.

Bolsover April 2
Lord Bardolph (aka Paul) setting up in the arena
Bolsover April 4
Lady Bardolph (aka (Lynn) ready for calligraphy
Bolsover April 3
Lady Percy (aka Tracy) and Ellen and Jake in the kitchen
Bolsover April 5
The Despenser's tent
Bolsover April 6
Cameron (aka Keith) and Paddy setting up for the armour talk
Bolsover April 7
Esme tidying up the flags round the displays
Bolsover April 8
Lord De Bohun (aka Paul) putting on his armour
Bolsover April 9
Lord Zouche (aka Luke) in his padded jack and coif
Bolsover April 10
More of Lady Bardolph's embroidery on Lord Despencer's shirt

These pics from the afternoon show are all taken by my lovely friend Jan from her Facebook page (hope you don’t mind me using them Jan) – as I am not allowed a camera while in kit I have to ‘borrow’ other people’s pics to show you the action.

Bolsover April 13
Lady Despencer (aka Bev) in her heraldic dress
Bolsover April 11
Ellie giving water to Zouche during the tournament

Everyone wanted me to post this one as well as they loved the crazy look on my face – I am just happy that the season has started again and I am camping!

Bolsover April 12
Me (as the nun) Ellie and Zouche

Virtually no crafting has gone on this week – at the weekend we were too busy with medieval stuff to do anything apart from me doing a bit of hand sewing of a coif during the day. I will have to crack on this week as my Spring Exchange piece needs to be mailed by the 1st May. I have had mine from my partner and it is lovely so will take some pics and post that at the weekend.

I am looking forward to the Royal Wedding on Friday – some friends are coming over for cupcakes and cava and then I am hoping for a nice weekend so I can be out in the garden, there may even be a bbq or two!

Hope that you have a nice week and thank you very much again for visiting.

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