Knitting at Oakwell Hall

I have just come back from a lovely afternoon at Oakwell – my evening knitting group had been invited as part of a Heritage Weekend where lots of properties are open for free across the country. Our task was to sit in the amazing Painted Chamber and knit and talk to the public about knitting – how hard! 

The pics below come from the Friends of Oakwell website – 

The painted chamber with spinning wheel


Oakwell - paintedchamberbed
The bed with its crewelwork bed hangings


The ‘painted’ title refers to the wood panelling – though the vertical and horizontals panels are real the rest of the 3D effects are painted on. The room reminded me very much of the bedrooms in Tatton Hall that we visit every June – with again beautiful bed hangings. It was such a privilege to be in that room – especially when we were told that was where the ladies of the house used to sit, embroider and gossip! 

There were 5 of us there today – others will be there tomorrow – we had two tables with old patterns, examples of things that we had knitted and crocheted and modern examples of fun knitting patterns for the kids to look at. the really lovely thing was that so many people had owned and knitted the baby patterns we had on display, or talked about their Mums and Grannies knitting – there was a real wealth of social history that people wanted to share. We met a man who knew someone who had modelled for Patons knitting patterns in his youth, a women whose Mum was a test knitter for the same company, and someone whose Mum had knitted string vests for priests. 

Apologies for the quality of these pics of our display – the light was not good! 

Oakwell - knitting group
Kath, Pauline, Pamela and Debbie demonstrating


Oakwell - patterns
Debbie's collection of vintage patterns - there were some lovely garments for men!


Oakwell - shawl
Pamela's beautiful baby shawl from an original 1930s pattern


Oakwell - socks
Kath's detailed lace and ribbed socks - you can also see some of the crewel work embroidery that was displayed on the table in the chamber


 These women are all very good knitters or crocheters – Kath’s speciality is socks, Pauline’s is crocheted jackets and scarves, Pamela’s is lace knitting and Debbie makes beautiful baby garments. I have learnt a lot from them in the year I have been going to the group. This year I have really improved on basic shaping and have learnt lace. Next year it is going to be double-pointed and circular needles so I can do my first pair of socks! 

I did not get much chance to look round the rest of the Hall as we were so busy but did have a little peek in the room next door which had another wonderful set of bed hangings. These crewelwork reproductions were done by the Friends of Oakwell Broiderer’s group (another idea for if I ever have more time!). Pics again from the Friends of Oakwell website. 

Oakwell - littleparlourchamber1
The Little Parlour Chamber


Oakwell - littleparlourchamberbed
Detail of the bedcover


As well as all the crewelwork the Friends have also done lots of needlepoint cushions, chair seats etc so it is well worth a visit if you like textiles! 

Hope that you are having a good weekend – thanks for visiting!

One thought on “Knitting at Oakwell Hall

  1. Hi Alison – what a lovely historic house to do a knitting demonstration! You all look as if you had a good time and it’s a while since I visited Oakwell Hall, a beautiful old house. Will be in touch re lunch.

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