As expected we had a wonderful time in Marrakesh – it was warm and sunny most of the time (which made the return to Yorkshire snow all the more surprising) , exciting and interesting as well as (according to Jake) a bit terrifying – he accorded that label to a couple of bits such as getting lost in the Souks (well you have to don’t you!) and the menu prices at one of the posh hotels we visited whilst sampling the glamorous side of the city. 

I have many pics to share with you but thought I would start with some of our hotel. I have rediscovered how to do slide shows to insert into my posts so have put together one to show you the luxury that was our riad in the Kasbah. I wanted to stay somewhere which would give us a real flavour of Marrakesh rather than one of the impersonal big hotels and found this bargain though Hotelopia. It cost us £28 per double room including bed and breakfast which was brilliant value considering the luxury we got. The place is called Riad Schanez – from the outside in the little street at the bottom of the Kasbah it looks nothing special … 

Marrakesh Hotel
The street where we stayed 'Derb Tadla'

But inside was wonderful – this impressed Jake no end! It was a textile lovers’ paradise and me and Mum spent lots of time taking pics of the furnishings  like sad tourists! 

Will update again later with more pics – no time now as have to get tea done! 

Thanks for visiting!

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