Crazy patchwork Xmas tree ornament

One of the things that I really wanted to do from my Creative Textiles class was to be able to do things without patterns that were just truly creative and I am pleased to say that today I have been doing just that. I have previously done some crazy patchwork when I made a bag for my Mum for her birthday earlier this year but that was still a very planned project where I did buy many of the items rather than just have them to hand.

I have been making Xmas ornies as you know and have been saving all of the small fabric scraps with a view to making something with them.

A selection of left over scraps

Every year I buy some mini poinsettias to decorate the house and so have been left with very pretty little pots when the plants die.

My little golden plant pots

I had seen on someone’s blog a while ago (I forget who) little fabric trees so decided today to combine the idea of crazy patchwork that we have been looking at in the Creative Textiles class with my little pots to make some table decorations for Xmas.

First I made a tree template by drawing round a plate on brown paper then wrapping this on itself to make a cone shape and cutting the excess paper to give me a pattern. I then cut this shape out of some spare red fabric I had.

Xmas tree 1
The tree template cut out in red fabric

I then ironed the same shaped piece of bondaweb onto the fabric.

Xmas tree 2
The bondaweb layer

Once I had peeled off the backing paper I then laid my fabric scraps on top of the bondaweb then when complete ironed the whole thing.

Xmas tree 3
Scraps on top of the bondaweb

This makes them stick to the bondaweb apart from a few bits where they overlap but gives you a robust enough fabric sandwich to cut off the excess.

Xmas tree 4
The trimmed piece

I then machined the pice to cover the joins – I have a very basic sewing machine that jams a lot so the stitching is not perfect and I had to go over each seam a couple of times to even up the stitching. I used the zig zag stitch as it was the best looking stitch for the job. I was tempted to hand embroider these this being my preferred technique but am trying to expand my repertoire so did use the machine though did only get one tree stitched due to jamming! The other one will be finished at a later date!

Xmas tree 6
The zig zag stitching along the seams

Then I folded the right sides together and stitched the seam by hand as the fabric was a bit thick to go through my temperamental machine!

Xmas tree 7
The side seam of the tree

I then turned it right side out and voila!

Xmas tree 8
The completed tree shape

I had originally planned to stuff the tree with wadding and sew a felt circle onto the bottom but once I had sewn it to this stage realised that it was stiff enough with the two layers of fabric and bondaweb to stand on its own so just trimmed the bottom with some gold braid from my stash and then added one of my little brass charms sewn to the top.

Xmas tree 8
The finished tree!

I am very, very pleased with this – I do need to buy some florists’  foam to put in the base of the pot as at the moment this is held up by a pencil stuck in blu tak but this is an orginal idea made by me which has not cost anything at all as it has all come from my stash!

I am going to take it to class tomorrow to show it off.

4 thoughts on “Crazy patchwork Xmas tree ornament

    • Thank you Wendi – I am really enoying making them – did another three last night and love the puzzle element of which bit goes where! Will be sad when the Xmas ornie season is over.
      Thanks for visiting.

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