My first exchange!

I have for a while been looking at sites that exist to offer stitchers the chance to exchange stitched gifts with other people and this summer took the plunge and signed up to one.

I stitch a lot for family and friends and know they appreciate it but seeing all the lovely stuff that people exchange through these blogs thought I would give it a go.

I have just got my gift from my partner Lisa – who was the person whose blog I read that lead me to the All Seasons Ornament Exchange in the first place.

This exchange was based on your partner’s likes and dislikes and so she sent me this lovely Quaker piece.

My exchange gift from Lisa
My exchange gift from Lisa

 It is a beautifully finished pinkeep which I am really pleased about as I don’t have one of these and have seen lots of lovely ones that other people have made so this will be joining my travelling stitching kit!

My gift to Lisa was posted yesterday – it is going to Australia so will probably take about a week to get there. Once I know that Lisa has got it I will post a pic of it here.

We are off to Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset tomorrow for another event which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Will be posting pics of that and the embroidery from last weekend very soon!

One thought on “My first exchange!

  1. Thanks Alison, I didn’t know you had visited my blog first and then joined up through the exchange. I’m pleased you visited me. I am also soo pleased that you like what I chose to stitch for you, I love quaker designs and this little one just sang out to me when I was searching for a piece for you. I hope we meet up again in exchange land.
    Happy stitching
    LISA V.

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