Unexpected pleasures

Have had a lovely quiet day today courtesy of the very heavy snow fall that started last night. The kids were off school because of it , what I was planning to do was cancelled and I have spent a large part of the afternoon stitching and watching the Tudors Series 2 .Can’t show you any stitching pics as the item is a surprise gift but it is blackwork appropriate for my TV viewing.

I love the series and wish I could go and see the costumes for real – if anyone ever hears of an exhibition please post and let me know.

Meanwhile here are some pics of our snow – it has not stopped yet and we now have about 6 inches – the first one was taken last night.

Snow in the garden at night
Snow in the garden at night

We  had just come back from seeing Valkyrie at the cinema and having Pizza Hut and this pic is taken with my new camera (hurrah will try not to break this one!).

Here are some more that were taken from Jake’s attic bedroom this morning.

Snowy roofs
Snowy roofs
Snow on the hills
Snow on the hills

We have had a busy weekend sewing and cutting out new costumes for the coming season. Am now making a lovely stew for tea to stave off the cold. A very domesticated day!

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