More medieval art – and this time it gets to live with me!

Hello everyone

Am posting this from my bedroom while watching the mist roll in over the moors – don’t you just love July in England lol!

The weather has been pretty variable here lately but I have been spending most of my free time making medieval costume for friends so it has not been a problem.

I realised after I had posted the pictures from Florence that I had not yet shown you my latest wonderful art from my friend Pat of Buckles Medieval Art.

These were my Christmas presents (and a wonderful house-warming present from Pat who is lovely as well as superbly talented!)

I have previously posted about the art I already have from Buckles and these beautiful pieces are now in my bedroom and lounge to add to my collection.

An early style of tryptich – Byzantine Art influenced, very much like the Baptistry in Florence.

Buckles new art 4

A later style Madonna triptych, there were so many like this in the Uffuzi Gallery in Florence.

Buckles new art 3

Buckles new art 1

My house-warming gift, a painting of me in lady’s costume to complete my set of me in different roles – I also have an embroiderer and a nun.

Buckles new art 2

It is so lovely to be able to own these pieces, thank you Pat and Clive for all your hard work!

When we were at Tatton recently we took some pictures of their stall – look at all this wonderful work.

Buckles Stall

Buckles 2

Buckles 3

Buckles 5

Buckles 4

Please go and visit their web site as well.

Work is still busy, busy so am enjoying my R and R with some simple garment making – shirts, brais, hose and coifs for friends. Nice hand finishing while watching fairly mindless TV of an evening.

I have also been enjoying the White Queen on BBC 1 – spending time fabric spotting to see if I own any of the stuff they have used 🙂

Take care, have a good week and thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “More medieval art – and this time it gets to live with me!

    • Hello Lorna

      Yes not only is it wonderful work but the fact that she will personalise it with pictures of you in kit makes it even more special.


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