Photo Scavenger Hunt – March


I am still working on sorting out all of the pictures from China but have done these for the Scavenger Hunt so this is a little taste of what I did there.


The view from my hotel room in Guangzhou – from the 11th floor overlooking the park.



Am emergency button in the hotel room bathroom.



These beautiful boxes of tea were for sale in the hotel I stayed in – sadly I did not have enough weight allowance to bring one back this time but I will when I go again later in the year.



This was one of the wonderful restaurants I visited – a famous beef restaurant where you had a personal hot-pot on each table to cook all of this lovely stuff!



We visited a historic house and museum where they had this beautiful puppet theatre with goldwork hangings.


Street name

I have started learning Chinese – being in the country surrounded by signs made it much easier, like this road sign outside my hotel – ‘shan’ means ‘mountain’.

Road name


The chairs in the lobby in the hotel I stayed in.



This is the 5 goats statue in Yue Xie park in Guangzhou, this is linked to the story of the founding of the city. Here I am with my colleagues Mo and Chris on a rather wet day out.



It was easy to see what was in fashion in China as washing was hanging everywhere, this is one of the student dorms on the campus in Guangzhou.



Loads of lovely Chinese words everywhere which were so beautiful, these were at the back of the classroom where I was teaching, these symbols mean ‘teacher’.



Half a face

One of the things that was strange in China was that all of the adverts featured very Western looking women with pale skin which is very prized in China. This was a picture outside a beauty salon. Seems strange that in my town there are lots of beauty salons offering spray tan and in China the most popular thing is whitening masks!

half a face


A picture of the other city in stayed in , Shantou. on display at a museum we visited – a small city by Chinese standards at about 5 million people.


12 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt – March

  1. Ni hao! (If I remember that means Hello yes?) Interesting photos, the view is incredible! How long are you teaching in China for? It sounds very interesting!

  2. These are great – the first time I’ve seen China in the hunt! Lovely to see some shots of every day things like road signs and students washing. Must be a fascinating place. Ellen x

  3. Oh wow — your pictures are fantastic! I love that you took them all in China. And you get to go back! How exciting!!!

  4. Wonderful photos! I’ve enjoyed looking at all the aspects of your visit you have captured for the scavenger hunt. – thanks for sharing them with us:)

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