4 things about me

Hello there

Just came across this on a recent blog  so thought I would do the list as well – I love the random ‘find things out about bloggers bit’ so here goes –

4 jobs I’ve had:

Checkout attendant at a garage – lots of late shifts locked in the booth!

Office worker for Child Health Services

Avon Lady

Sales assistant at a chemist shop – my first job at 14

 4 Films I could watch over and over

An Officer and a Gentleman

Dirty Dancing

The Wizard of Oz

Gone with the Wind
4 TV shows I watch:

18 Kids and Counting – the Mum, Michelle, is amazing – she is so calm!

How Clean is Your House – my OCD cleaning obsession fixation

Location, Location, Location – because I love looking at property

Nigella’s Cookery programmes

4 places I have lived:

London – for nearly two years after college

Huddersfield – apart from the London years I have been here for the last 28 years

Cheltenham – until I was 20

Cardiff – was born there but moved at the age of one
4 favourite foods:



Salads of any sort

Baked potatoes
4 favourite colours:




4 places I’d love to be right now:

In bed – one of my favourite places – especially with a good book
In my little house in Spain staring at the mountains and the sea

Porthmadoc, North Wales

Disneyland – any one will do!
4 names I love but could not use for my children




Lily Olivia Alice

Hope that you enjoyed that bit of random info – thanks for visiting.

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